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QR Code Generator

Insert you text, paragraph or URL and click on the Generate QR Code button to create text QR code (Quick Response Code) image. After generating, download the QR code image for future use.

Turbo QR Code Generator

QR Code maker is a free online tool to create QR code for personal information, URL, vCard, Bitcoin, Email, and much more. Use it free for Lifetime To know more about QR Code Generator read the full article.

A QR Code is a special code that is easily readable with the help of a Smartphone. It is a two-dimensional barcode that allows encoding the 4000 characters in it. The QR Codes can be used for showing the text, open a URL, save a contact to address book or compose text messages. The QR Code is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Incorporated.

A QR code is an easier way to make a link between real-world products and the Internet.  A QR code is easy to transfer web link to the mobile phone, it can provide a lower barrier to visit a site with the help of a Smartphone.

There are two types of QR codes generator techniques that are Static QR code and Dynamic QR code-

Static QR code

The information which is encoded in the static QR codes is become always fixed. The information is get stored in the QR Code graphic.

Dynamic QR code

A Dynamic QR code can be easily changed at any time as often as users want. Even when the marketing material has already been printed. This technique will effectively save reprinting costs and effort.

How to create a QR Code?

Creating the QR Code is a very simple process and it only takes a few seconds only. Just enter your text, paragraph OR URL and click on the <b>Generate QR Code</b> button to create a text QR code (Quick Response Code) image. After generating, download the QR code image for future use.

Now you make it decide, which of the image format you required the use the Code and then download the QR code.

How to read QR codes?

A barcode scanner in a mobile phone with the use of a camera or a barcode reader application that will support the QR code standard is easily scanning QR code. There are many QR code scanner applications that are available for different mobile devices to read and that are mostly free.

The ideal print size of QR code

The QR Code print size is very important and usually, it must not be getting ignored. The QR Codes must be large enough to be recognized and it can be decoded easily by the help of a Smartphone reading application.

The minimal size of the QR code

You may not print the QR Codes too small because they could be unreadable which is a very silly mistake when creating QR codes. Make sure that when creating the QR Codes they can be readable, and make sure that does not print the QR code in less than 3cm square.

The scanning distance of the QR codes

The print size of the QR Codes is get related to the scanning distance of the QR codes. The Scanning distances of the QR code will be very different because the printing size of the QR Code will vary accordingly.

The ideal size of the QR code will use the simple formula:

Size of QR Code = Distance between the QR Code and Scanner ÷ 10

We offer a QR code generators free for lifetime use.