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Guest Post Guidelines

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TurboSEOTools is a free SEO Tools blog with over 5000 bloggers who have contributed one or more guest posts. We invite you to submit your guest post.

Are you finding blogs that accept guest posts? You are in the right place. Recently Turbo SEO Tools opens the door of Guest Posting Opportunities. If you want to write for us as a guest blogger for a long time submit your article following our guest post guidelines.

We always try to teach and inform the right things to our visitors and users. I think you have visited our website. Our website mainly focuses on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Blogging, and Make Money Online. We have about 105 plus SEO and webmaster tools to make search engine optimization easy. You may call it an SEO niche website. So, we accept only Blogging, SEO and Monetization related content to publish in our Blog.

We are looking for well-rehearsed articles so that the users can easily build their own websites, increase traffic using SEO and make money online.

Guest Posting Topic/Categories:

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization content)
  2. WordPress (WordPress Themes, Plugins, Snippets, User Guides)
  3. Blogspot (Blogger Templates, Tips & How to Guide)
  4. Blogging (Essential Tips and Tricks)
  5. Digital Marketing
  6. Hosting (Reviews, Cpanel, Domain related article)
  7. Monetization (Adsense, Admob, Freelancing, How To Guide)
  8. Reviews (Online Tools and Software reviews)
  9. SEO Agency (Country-wise List of SEO agencies)
  10. Technology
  11. Tips And Tricks (Website-related How To Guide)
  12. Web Development (Website Development Tutorials)

FAQ / Note:

  1. We don't accept Gambling, Casino, CBD, and LGBTQ-related content and website links.
  2. All Articles must be written with the necessary screenshots and images.
  3. Published articles will NOT have any Sponsored labels and will look 100% natural.
  4. We don't accept AI-written content

Guest Post Submission Guidelines

  1. Articles must be original and should not be published elsewhere including on your site.
  2. Text-rich posts should be well-written and illustrated with small paragraphs, headings, subheadings, and images. View Sample
  3. Article Title: Post Title must be within 45-58 Characters
  4. Length: The word limit of the article must not be less than 600 words.
  5. Meta Description: There should be 1-2 sentences in your article that summarize the entire thing. Meta description must be within 130-150 Characters
  6. Minimum image dimensions must be 800px Higher the better.
  7. Content must be unique, well-researched, and informative
  8. Content must not be a rewrite of existing content
  9. Credit your image sources or link back to the original site which you got the images from.
  10. At this time, we accept well-written English articles only.
  11. Add author biodata and link below to your article.

Article Format

Article Submission Document Format

Editorial Fee & Payment Method

1. Sponsored Posts: $20/Post
2. Link Insertions into existing articles: $40/Link

Payment Method:

  1. Bank / Mobile Wallet transfer using (Wise, Xoom, or Other methods)
  2. Elevate Pay: https://www.elevatepay.co

If some reason your submission is declined it does not necessarily reflect a statement on the quality of your work. That may be result of one of many reasons including the topic that may have already been covered or is off-topic and inconsistent with the site's overall content.

How To Submit Guest Post?

  1. We accept guest posts over email and publish manually due to spam posts.
  2. First, contact us with your suggested title within 45-58 Characters
  3. After receiving confirmation mail submit your article using document format with all images, meta description, and author's biodata zip the document and images files and attach it over email. After publishing, we will inform you of your article link.
  4. Blog Section: If you have a finished article that is ready to be published or create a new article related to our topic and make it ready to publish in Turbo SEO Tools Blog
  5. Video Section: If you want to publish a video tutorial in our Video Section, You have to upload the video on YouTube and provide me with some description (Description should be 250+ words) and a video link to review.
  6. Website Builder Section: For Template publishing in our website builder section email us details about the template give me a demo page and attach the downloadable files in zip format. The article should be 300+ words.
  7. SEO Glossary Section: For publishing in the SEO Glossary section visit our SEO Glossary list and choose the topic you want to write about. You can choose multiple topics. Please provide a topic serial number and name in the email. After receiving the email I will book the topic for you for 5-6 days and publish it when you submit the content. The article should be 300+ words

Finally, You know how to submit your post to our website's multiple guest posting section. I think it is an easy process to publish guest posts. If you have any suggestions please contact us.

Note! Turboseotools.com team has the full right to accept, reject, remove, or edit any article, content, or post.