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Page Speed Checker is a free online tool to check website pages speed quickly. Page speed is currently one of the main Google's standings factors. Every site owner must focus on their site's velocity because nowadays sites which fill very quickly are making to the very best positions browsing engines. According to some surveys conducted before, it was discovered that 47% of folks expect a website to load in under 2-3 a few moments, and 40% of folks leave a website if it requires more than three moments to fill. So page rate is vital to every website's success in the web market.

But how will you check whether your site lots in less time or if it requires more than average launching time? The professional personnel at 1stwebsuite has generated this free site speed checker tool which gives a full A-Z article of the site's loading velocity and also notifies which webpage or graphic might take how enough time to fill. Just enter the entire Link of your site in the field and our tool will begin to crawl all of your webs and let you know the overall webpage loading time in addition to a chart providing just how many seconds a specific web page or image needed to fill completely.

Benefits of Using Google Page Speed Checker Tool

There are many benefits associated with this tool to online marketers. By using this tool, you can easily see what's the site launching time of your site, and you will compare it with the web page rates of speed of other top sites on the market. By using the info provided by this tool, you can easily identify which webpage or visual of your site is taking a lot of time to load.

The unique top features of our Page Swiftness Checker Tool are that it is fast, free, appropriate, and provides the precise loading time used by the net page. You can examine the page launching speed of as many sites as you want without any restrictions!

If the site loads very quickly, then you won't only increase the end user experience or lower the jump rate of your site, but it will incredibly increase your search positions.

How to Improve Page Speed?

When you have inspected your site's web page loading velocity and you have pointed out that it is taking enough time to fill, then below are a few quite effective tips that you should start pursuing right now:

  • Reduce Server Response Time
  • Minimize HTTP Requests
  • Compress your images through online image compression tools
  • Enable Web browser Caching
  • Decrease the No. of Plugins that you utilize on your site
  • Optimize CSS Delivery

We are sure every webmaster want this free Webpage Acceleration Checker Tool and perform a normal page swiftness test with their sites to check on for just about any problem.

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