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3 Factors Affecting WordPress Loading Speed: How to Speed Up WordPress Performance
in Wordpress Mary Nov 6

Speeding up WordPress is a hot topic nowadays; fortunately, there are many ways you can apply to get this job done. It can be done with the improvement of WordPress plugin bundles via eCommerce...
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How an Attractive WordPress Theme can be Useful for Your WooCommerce Store
in Wordpress Ashlie Oct 7

When starting an online store, one of the first steps is to choose a WordPress theme to define your website's look and feel. There are thousands of options from different sources that...
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How to Remove Howdy From Admin Bar or Change to Welcome
in Wordpress User31 Sep 2

Do you know howdy text meaning? HOWDY means "How Do You Do?" You will get this howdy text at the WordPress admin bar as default. As a WordPress developer or blogger, you have...
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All About Wordpress Content Management System
in Wordpress User31 Nov 11

What is WordPress? WordPress is a content management system based on PHP and MySQL. According to W3Techs 34% of all the websites using WordPress as a content management...
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What is WordPress Theme and How To Install
in Wordpress User31 Oct 21

I know in this web development world "What is WordPress Theme?" is a funny question. But I also surprised to know 2400 plus people or web developers search monthly to know about...
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Add Extra Fields in WordPress Registration Form
in Wordpress User31 Aug 30

Now a day WordPress is a popular blogging platform and the popularity of WordPress is increasing day by day. Someone wants to create a multiply author blog site. So to create a multi-author...
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T-shirt Designer Plugin: A Must Have For WordPress Based Stores
in Wordpress Sophia Jul 24

Online printing agencies and T-shirt Designer have grown tenfold over a short span of time. This has been majorly due to the E-Commerce revolution. According to the latest online surveys,...
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How to update copyright year WordPress dynamically
in Wordpress User151 Jan 19

Hi guys, want to add update copyright year dynamically to your WordPress website or blog? You are the right place to find a solution. But do you know? ... why every blogger or webmaster have to...
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How to Redirect a User to a Specific Page After Registration?
in Wordpress Masummgt06 Dec 25

This snippet will be useful if you allow people to register on your website. It lets you redirect a user to a specific page after a successful registration. You can add a custom thank you a...
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How to Change WordPress Login Logo, URL and Title?
in Wordpress Masummgt06 Dec 18

Want to change WordPress login logo, URL, and title without using any WordPress plugin. Here I shared some useful snippets that will be used to change the default login logo URL and title. So...
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