Best Email Marketing Services for Small Business
in Digital marketing by Admin Feb 27

Email marketing is to send an advertising message, usually to a group of people, by email. In the broadest sense, any email sent to a potential or current customer can be considered email...
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SEO Trends in 2019 to get your website rank no.1
in Seo by Jassica Jan 23

It’s time to take our annual observe what’s ahead for SEO specialists in 2019. What SEO techniques and procedures will work and assist you in dominating inside the search...
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How to update copyright year WordPress dynamically
in Wordpress by Admin Jan 19

Hi guys, want to add update copyright year dynamically to your WordPress website or blog? You are the right place to find a solution. But do you know? ... why every blogger or webmaster have to...
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Redirect a User to a Specific Page After Registration
in Wordpress by Admin Dec 25

This snippet will be useful if you allow people to register on your website. It lets you redirect a user to a specific page after successful registration. You can add custom thank you message on...
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Change WordPress login logo URL, and title
in Wordpress by Admin Dec 18

Want to change WordPress login logo, URL, and title without using any WordPress plugin. Here I shared some useful snippets that will be used to change the default login logo URL and title. So...
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Change WordPress author permalink structure
in Wordpress by Admin Dec 11

The default WordPress author permalink structure for authors is /author/name. For example, on WPbeginner author URL is If your client required...
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Disable and Limit WordPress Post Revisions
in Wordpress by Admin Dec 10

WordPress is the number one CMS in the world. Default WordPress editor save every single post revision in the system database for future uses. It also easies to limit WordPress post revisions...
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