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How to Upload PDFs to Your WordPress Website

How to Upload PDFs to Your WordPress Website

Upload PDF Files to Your WordPress Website

Don't know how to upload PDF files to your site? In this article, we have shared the best way to upload PDF files to your WordPress site to grow your list.

Looking for a way to upload PDFs to your WordPress site?

Here is how to upload PDF files to your site using a WordPress plugin named PDF Embedder. This plugin makes it easy to upload PDFs and make them available for download.

There are numerous advantages of uploading PDF files, for instance, to increase the number of your email subscribers or sell digital PDF downloads as your product or service. You can also integrate customer upload files for WooCommerce to receive the special instructions for customized products on your Woo store.

In this article, we'll share how to upload PDF files to your WordPress site to grow your list and accept user-generated content.

What is a PDF Document?

In particular, PDFs offer the ability to share an essay, book, newspaper, or periodical in seconds. In addition, it is compact and does not occupy physical space like a book.

PDFs are compatible with Acrobat, Preview, and browsers for reading as a digital document. With these applications, you have everything you need to enjoy future documentation.

As a media publisher, edit and add PDF content using Acrobat or Adobe Photoshop. Also, upload, upload, and publish it worldwide using WordPress. To prove this, let's look at how to upload a PDF to WordPress.

Why Upload PDF Files in WordPress

PDFs are one of the most popular file formats, and there are many benefits to uploading them to a WordPress site.

You can reuse content by converting lengthy guides and tutorials into PDFs. Then offer users exclusive content or use them to build a mailing list.

Another advantage of uploading PDFs is that you can speed up user engagement and reduce bounce rates. By allowing visitors to download and perform PDFs, you can easily reduce high bounce rates.

You can even use PDFs to offer exclusive, member-only-paid content to your paying subscribers as part of your course or membership website.

However, let's look at how to upload PDF files in WordPress.

Use a WordPress Plugin

Using the WordPress Plugin to insert a PDF file into a page or post on your site is the method we recommend for WordPress beginners, as it is the fastest and easiest option. Many plugins are available for this work, each offering something a little different.

  • PDF Embedder– allows you to upload PDFs and embed them directly on your site.
  • Embed PDF Viewer– allows you to insert a PDF from a media library or a third-party website via oEmbed.
  • Google Drive Embedder- allows you to access your Google Drive documents from the WordPress Dashboard. PDFs can then be embedded directly into posts or pages.

All of the above plugins have great features, but we recommend PDF Embedder. It is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to upload and embed PDFs directly to any page or post on your site. It embeds PDF files with JavaScript, which allows you to customize the look of your documents.

By default, PDF Embedder automatically displays PDFs according to their original size (if they are too large, they fill the available width). You can also specify the width and height of each PDF file you enter. All JavaScript and other files are served by your server, so no potentially untrusted third parties are involved.

Now let's take a look at installing and using the PDF Embedder plugin.

Step 1: Install plugin

Open your WordPress dashboard and click Plugins> Add New to install the PDF plugin.

Then type PDF Embedder in the search feature of the plugin. After the plugin is downloaded, select Install Now and then Activate. PDF Embedder is now installed on your site. See our step-by-step guide for more information on installing the WordPress plugin.

Step 2: Configure PDF Embedder's Settings

To open the PDF Embedder settings page, click Settings> PDF Embedder in your WordPress dashboard. The settings options include:

  • Height & Width – Here, you can set a specific height and width for your PDFs. (This is only required if you are referring to a specific size. Otherwise, PDF Embedder will display PDFs in their original size).
  • Toolbar Location – Choose whether to display the sidebar at the top or bottom of the page. The sidebar allows users to zoom in and out of the PDF and switch pages.
  • Toolbar Hover – Choose whether the toolbar is permanently visible or displayed when the user hovers over the PDF.

Once you've set the settings, remember to click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Step 3: Upload and Embed a PDF

To upload and embed PDF with PDF Embedder, follow the simple process of uploading and embedding images.

Open the post or page where you want to display the PDF. Then from within the Editor, click Add Media. After the Media Library opens, click Upload Files> Select Files and upload.

After uploading the PDF to your media library, select the file and click the "Insert in Post" button. You will now see your PDF shortcode in your poster editor.

Finally, preview or publish the post. It would be best to discover that the PDF file appears on the front of your WordPress site.

Final Thought

The media run the digital network. Although not common in the past, this is a serious disadvantage if the website does not use minimal images today. However, other media releases enhance your site's user experience (UX).

You don't have to recreate large documents for your site. Instead, you can offer a complete PDF without compromise. You can reuse the content of your website as a PDF and offer it as part of your conversion or enrollment strategy.

Like the content of your website, you can provide a consistent way to consume your content. In some cases, this can provide even greater compatibility and consistency for certain media in your PDF.

Offering a PDF is a great way to keep your bounce rate low. If you can force the user to take action on the spot, this will increase the number of metrics. The time you spend on the web, the bounce, and more offer you everything from one click to download.

All in all, adding or uploading a PDF to your WordPress site is a great way to deliver useful content to your users. Even better, the process can be implemented quickly.

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