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3 Factors Affecting WordPress Loading Speed: How to Speed Up WordPress Performance

3 Factors Affecting WordPress Loading Speed: How to Speed Up WordPress Performance

Speed Up WordPress Performance

Speeding up WordPress is a hot topic nowadays. Follow this short guide to Speed Up WordPress Performance easy and quick way for 2020-2021

Speeding up WordPress is a hot topic nowadays; fortunately, there are many ways you can apply to get this job done. It can be done with the improvement of WordPress plugin bundles via eCommerce development. Speedup WordPress is important because loading page speed affects everything from traffic to conversions, user satisfaction, and profits. It is essential to upload a detailed guide on how to speed up WordPress performance, and it will be included why page loading speed matters, the factors that influence the speed of the WordPress site and how to measure it. After that, make a list of the best techniques to make your WordPress site as fast as possible.

First, you have to know why website speed matters.

  • Slow speed leads to lost visitors.

Here are some calculations that have shown through which you can have an idea of page load time and user behavior. In between 2000 to 2015, human attention span dropped at an average from 12 to 8 seconds because 47% of customers expect to load a page in two seconds or less, 40% abandons when a website takes more than 3 seconds to load, and 79% of visitors who gets dissatisfied of website and returns. This result in that one-second delay can make a loss of conversions by 7%. And these numbers might not look like a significant loss, but in the real world, it does. For example, Amazon calculated a one-second slowdown load of the page, and it cost them $1.6 billion in yearly sales.

  • Speed is a ranking factor.

Speed is a ranking factor; this is a fundamental fact After all. The goal is to represent customers with the best search results. A slow loading site increases the bounce rate, and users mostly leave immediately when the page is not loading, but there might be a chance that some of the users stay on the page until the page loads. So this is why speeding up the website is essential.

With the influence of factors given above, we have pretty much an idea of what makes a WordPress site fast and slow. Furthermore, we will explain the necessary steps to speed up WordPress sites and decrease loading page time.

Invest in hosting time

The most important thing for an increase in site performance is to choose a good host to house your site. There are many cheap options available, but you should know hosting is what you get what you pay for, and we have explained above that speed does matter for the site. To avoid sharing host, this can eliminate the risk of having bad neighbors or anything on your system that can slow down the server unless you have a huge budget to run your site. For that, VPS is a fantastic option; with this, you can balance speed, comfort, and less cost. Another growing option that is managed WordPress hosting. This can help your site run on a server with that you don't have to keep an eye on technical stuff while running a WordPress site.

Keep your web technology up to date.

The second thing on the list to speed up the WordPress site is to keep the technology updated. There is a reason the new version of HTML, PHP and other technologies are coming out because they have new features and improved speed. And for that, it is essential to keep your system up to date. The quality host will let you know if your PHP version is not up to date, but this doesn't mean you are free from checking. Whenever you log in at the backend, then check the PHP configuration. Also, you can control the version of PHP you are using.

Use the latest version of WordPress and its components.

Every version of CMS comes with new features, bug boxes etc. they help you run your site more efficiently and decrease the slowdown. When you keep your website up to date, it's not only also speed a security issue. You have to make sure that all the themes and plugins are up to date and keep a spreadsheet with your plugin to let you know when it needs to e updated.

how to speed up wordpress site


Website speed's success is an essential factor because it impacts bounce rate, conversions, and profits. Even a nanosecond can make a big difference. The techniques which are explained above are useful measures to speed up your WordPress website. Moreover, if you need help in speedup performance, you need to hire professionals who can help you speed up WordPress site performance. But, remember, speed is not all you need. The goal should be to create high-quality and serve visitors in the best way.

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