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Frequently Asked Questions


Know the common frequently asked questions (FAQ) on Turbo SEO Tools. Our FAQ page helps you to make the #1 SEO friendly website easily

Why Do You Need To Use TurboSEOTools.Com?

If you want to rank your website #1 position in Search Engine, you have to use TURBO SEO TOOLS following our SEO Guideline. If you are a teacher or student you can write a plagiarism free thesis statement?

Why Is SEO Important?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the only way to get organic traffic or free traffic from Search Engines. So, It is very important to generate sales. 

What Type Of Tools Does TurboSEOTools.Com Offer?

Turbo SEO Tools main offers on-page optimization tools. But It also offers writing elements, web developers tools, unites converter etc.

How To Use These Tools From Turbo SEO Tools?

You will find tools using guidelines on the tools page. So, Learn details before using the tools. We are trying to add video guidelines for all tools. 

How Long Does It Normally Take To Get The Results From These SEO Tools?

Normally you will get the result within 30 seconds. It depends on your website's load time. Our Website reviewer tools need 1-2 minutes to analyze your website and calculate SEO score. 

Do I Need To Pay Before I Can Use These SEO Tools?

No, All tools are free for use but you are not able to download the SEO Score pdf report without subscribing to our premium plan.

How Does TurboSEOTools.Com Work?

Our tools work following the Google SEO guideline. So, You will use the latest SEO technique.

Who Can Benefit From TurboSEOTools.Com?

Blogger, Webmaster, SEO freelancer, Affiliate marketer, Students and Teachers will be benefited from Turbo SEO Tools

What Tools Can Teachers And Students Use From TurboSEOTools.Com?

Most of the tools are useful for Search Engine Optimization but our Plagiarism CheckerEnglish Grammar CheckerArticle RewriterWord Counter tools are best for teachers and students.

Do I Need To Register To Be Able To Use TurboSEOTools.Com?

No need to register to use our free tools. Every day 15 times you will be able to use our tools. If you need more, you have to register on our website. It is very easy to register and login like other websites. You can login with social media like Facebook, Google, and Twitter login systems.

Will You Sell Or Share My Personal Information To A Third Party?

No, We do not share or sell any personal information about our users.

Do You Save Any Of The Content After Checking?

No. We don't save any content after checking using our tools. Our system just saves recent history data for a limited time. We save the Website Audit Report in our database. You can check the information from our SEO Report page.

How Can I Erase My Personal Data From TurboSEOTools.Com?

You can not delete your user account. But you can change your personal information like password, First Name, Last Name, Address, Contact information, etc from your profile page.

We have tried to add the most common questions and answers to this page. If you need any information related to our website tools please let me know using the contact us form.