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Go-To Tips for Promoting a Physical Product in 2023

Go-To Tips for Promoting a Physical Product in 2023

Go-To Tips for Promoting a Physical Product in 2023

The good news is that there are tons of wonderful strategies for you to pursue when promoting a physical product in 2023.

The way we market our companies in 2023 is completely different from how we might have marketed ourselves in 2023. There are new tools to use, social media is the perfect marketing companion and the idea of selling through an online store allows you to reach a wider audience than ever.

In our modern world, there are some major benefits to selling products on the Internet:

1. High-Quality photos.

Even with your smartphone, you can take high-quality, engaging photos of your product that will really show it off. The photos can show off the best qualities of the product and attract potential buyers by promoting its best features.

With the ease of taking good photos and sharing them, you can also show off more photos than ever with potential buyers.

2. In-depth HD videos.

Alongside the high-quality photos, you can also share HD videos. A good video can do wonders for your product and there’s so much that can be done, from walkthroughs, Q&As, your own commercials, and so much more.

You can publish HD videos on social media, your website, and popular channels like YouTube that will attract viewers and promote sales.

3. More options for affordable, fast shipping.

Shipping has evolved alongside everything else in this modern world. Not only can you get instant estimates on shipping to exact locations, but you can also find affordable options. It’s not a one-stop shop for shipping items around the world and it isn’t extremely expensive either, which is making more people purchase items from anywhere.

4. Safe, secure transactions.

Who are you purchasing from and should I be worried? That used to be the question you’d ask when you bought over the phone, or even in the early days of the Internet. But not today.

Transactions are safer than ever and customers shouldn’t be hesitant to input their payment information and click CONFIRM. Online payments have never been easier, and they’ve been safer, which makes more people turn to the online world in order to purchase.

5. Reviews from others.

Viewing reviews from others can help other customers make their decision to purchase. In fact, online reviews are a huge asset for companies of all kinds, from restaurants to products, insurance companies to marketing agencies, and so much more. Online reviews aren’t perfect, and you can’t trust every review you read, but they can be quite helpful for purchasing online. For products, they are a huge asset and companies should focus on getting as many positive reviews as they can.

6. Find influencers to work with.

The rise of influencers many years ago has turned into a marketer's dream if used correctly. They serve as a great portal to potential clients through a strategic partnership that includes the testing and using of your product in natural settings that really show it off. The best influencer partnerships appear natural, and the content is organic, so do what you can to find and foster a relationship that makes the most of this possibility.

7. Use SEO to rank for specific keywords.

SEO is a challenging marketing strategy to pursue and it can be difficult to get the results you want, but it is such an asset for all of us who are trying to stand out amongst a very large crowd. By using SEO, you must dedicate yourself to a long-term campaign that requires you to put in the work. If you aren’t knowledgeable in SEO, I recommend you look into hiring an expert who is informed on the latest updates and advancements in the space. Once you’ve strategized and completed the proper planning, you will put together a consistent, detailed plan that allows you to improve your ranking and appear more frequently in organic search results.

8. Targeted ads.

Using smart platforms like Google and Facebook, you can create ads that target a specific population of people and show up when others are searching certain keywords. It will cost you money to compete amongst others when running ads, but the ROI can be quite high if your ads are effective, your product fills a niche, and you’ve created a good funnel that brings the customer from clicking the ad to confirming the purchase.

Two Ideas for Promoting Your Product in 2023

When researching this topic, I was able to get some insight from experts on how they would promote a product in 2023. With so many channels available to us, and so much happening in the marketing world altogether, I wanted to know: where would you start when promoting a physical product?

Iverson Li is a Product Manager for Growatt Portable Power Stations and was able to share his thoughts on a worthwhile strategy to pursue in 2023. “The amount of traffic through Google on any given day is outrageous. That’s why we put a lot of focus into our organic search results, as well as our ad spend. We believe that if we can have a strong presence on Google for the right keywords and search results, then we’ll continue to find new customers. It’s the strategy we believe in the most for promoting and selling our product.”

It’s hard to deny the power of Google and how a strong Google presence can increase sales, improve brand recognition, and get constant traffic to your website.

Jennifer Gragg is the Marketing Coordinator for Colony Roofers and, while they aren’t selling a specific product, they do promote the sale of products with their clients. When approaching their marketing strategy, Colony Roofers wanted to lead with information, which has helped them make their strategies successful: “We’ve worked to produce quality content that we share on many of our channels, with YouTube being a major platform for us. We shoot, produce, and publish videos on topics like ‘What’s the difference between Rafters and Trusses’. This content allows us to show off our expertise, appear as a leader in the industry when people are searching for similar topics, and even acquire some links because of how useful our content is. It’s been quite enjoyable for us to share this type of content and it has helped us improve our visibility. It’s also a great way to promote a specific product you’re selling.”

Sharing information on your niche without specifically promoting yourself is a wonderful way to get yourself in front of potential clients and then win them over. For me, this seems like an excellent way to begin promoting your product, especially through the use of platforms like TikTok and Instagram, which are so popular right now.

The good news is that there are tons of wonderful strategies for you to pursue when promoting a physical product in 2023. You’re no longer committed to the same channels that everyone else is using. You have free reign to make your path and be creative in converting new clients.

It’s an exciting time for marketers and business owners!

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