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Top 10 Email Marketing Platforms In 2022

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Top 10 Email Marketing Platforms In 2022

Top 10 Email Marketing Platforms In 2022

Email marketing platform is going to enhance your overall digital marketing performance. Check out the top 10 best email marketing platforms of 2022


Email marketing strategies are proven to be one of the most effective consumer convincing methods. Are you a digital marketer who wants to focus on your product sales? Then use the email marketing strategies. Because of social media branding and content sharing, you will get a good followers list. Hence Email marketing is a more strategic approach when you want to go for direct product sales. And you can expect around three times better results from email marketing.

10 Best Email Marketing Platforms In 2022

So, how do you plan to do email marketing? Sending the emails to individual interest viewers is a good strategy, but it is time-consuming. For your help, the AI introduces email marketing tools and platforms to send customized emails in bulk order. And within a few clicks, all your heavy work is going to be easy.

Let’s see the ten best email marketing tools of 2022.

1. AWeber

This single email marketing platform is equipped with multiple functionalities. In addition, customization of the emails is effortless by using only drag and drop builders. The pre-design attractive templates are all available for every user.

An automatic trigger-based email processing system is another best feature of this platform. This platform is also very costly. You only have to pay around $20 for 200 up subscribers unlimited email facilities.

2. Constant Contact

Want to use an automatic email marketing platform that is best for the bigger marketers. Then choose the Constant contact platform email marketing platform. In addition, incorporating marketing calendars is helping beginner marketers to design their marketing periphery and strategies.

Along with the calendars, you will get free images and powerful integration with Facebook. This platform is also less costly than the other platform. Their subscription plans are straightening from $20 for 500 subscribers to email facilities.


Drip’s most significant advantage is you will get all facilities of the email marketing platforms, and you also can get the benefits of using the customer tracking metrics. These metrics help you to understand your consumer’s present status, and you do not have to wait for your email responses.

Are you a beginner marketer, then this platform is also a good option for you? The first 100 subscribers are free, and after that, you only have to spend around $50/month for up to 2,400 plus subscribers unlimited emails.

4. GetResponse

Get responses is a very comfortable easy to use platform with a large number of users. You may be using the best laptops for operating your email marketing platforms. But unless you are choosing the best performing platform for your use, you can not get your expected result.

The GetResponse support system is very strong as they have a huge community, so you always get guidance from other users. The monthly subscription plans of the get response are straightening from $15. And with this amount, you will get 1,000 subscribers unlimited email monthly plan.

5. MailChimp

For the startup business handlers, mail chimp is one of the top pick email marketing platforms. This platform is a simple email marketing service that is the best for beginner marketers.

All experiential customization facilities and the auto-response and time zone support are available in this email marketing platform. You can easily customize the emails with email builders, and the attractive pricing ranges make this platform the top choice for digital startup marketers. The paid plan starts from $10/monthly for 50,000 subscribers.

6. MailerLite

Mailer Lite is a new email marketing platform relative to other platforms. But as this is a new platform, the user experiences are pretty good. The easy features and the easily accessible design make the platform easy to access for beginners.

In simple words, this platform’s design is easy, flexible, minimalist, and modern. All the advanced knowledge of analytics is incorporated into this platform. The Mailler lite is offering approximately up to 1000 to 1200 subscribers a free plan for one month. Their paid plan starts from $11 for 1,000 subscribers.

7. Newsletter2Go

Want to work on the email marketing platform where each of the individual templates is responsive? The email builder’s strategies are simple and easy. You do not have to spend time on a complicated process. Only by using simple drag and drop functions, you build consumer’s marketing mail.

Newsletter 2 Go is offering a free plan for 1000 subscribers. Their paid offers start from $20 a month for 1000 subscribers.

8. ActiveCampaign

Are you looking for a way to automate your email marketing service? Then, this one is the right pick for you. If you like to work with time-based triggering, this single email marketing tool is going to be your best choice. Triggering personalized mails and the automatic follow-up segmentations of the emails are the best part of this email marketing tool.

You can combine your sales and marketing data and build more target-driven emails for sales. You only have to pay $ 10 to $15 on a monthly basis for your 500 plus subscribers.

9. ConvertKit

Do you have to spend extensive hours creating your mail content? Therefore this is the best platform choice for you. Convert kits are a viable option for creative content for marketers. In addition, convertKits built-in landing page functionally, allowing you to host your landing page.

For the convert kit, you only have to spend $30 for 1000 up subscribers. And for first-time users, you will get the 14 days trial offer. So you can check the performances before going for the paid options.

10. Keap

In simple words, this email marketing tool combines multiple facilities and develops a single tool. You can do email marketing with automation, CRM, and many more advanced features. This is one of the oldest ones who is first incorporating the drag and drop email builder facilities in our list.

Keap is offering promotional, and migration offers with $35 for 500 up subscribers. But most of their plans are for single users. If you have more than one user, you have to choose any new email marketing platform.

Wrapping It Up:

With these robust email marketing platforms, you have to use a professional cloud-based cross-platform product like a blue stack. Because when you want to increase your PC’s work efficiency, it is better to increase the performance of your keyword and the mouse’s functions. The blue stack’s safety features are improving the overall performance of your PC. So which platform are you going to choose? Do not forget to share your opinion in the comment sections.

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