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Surprising Ways Email Marketing Can Help SEO Results Rank Up

Surprising Ways Email Marketing Can Help SEO Results Rank Up

How Email Marketing Can Help SEO Results Rank Up?

Almost every marketer wants to know the best way to boost SEO, and email marketing is fantastic. Listed below are the email marketing best practices

As we all know, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps you to reach the top of the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). That, in turn, gives your brand a lot of publicity and visibility. However, due to a high number of SEO competitors all around you, you have put a lot of effort into building links. 

And to do that, we need to work closely along the most lucrative form of communication, an email marketing strategy. Because both SEO and email marketing are similar to each other as they both use their content to promote their business or brand, and collectively you can call it SEO email marketing. 

So in this article ahead, we have included several ways in which email marketing can be used to make SEO results at great ranks in the market. 

Does Email Marketing Matter?

When you think about opting for an email marketing strategy to enhance your SEO results, this is the first question that comes to mind. So, the answer to this question is; YES, Email marketing matters. Below are a few statistics to prove the same:

  • Research from 2017 states that 270 Billion emails are received and sent daily.
  • When you spend one dollar in email marketing, you get an ROI of $44, which is 4400% of the profit.
  • There are almost 3.2 Billion email users all over the world
  • Email marketing strategy is opted for by nearly 80% of small and medium businesses as their primary mode of communication

Could It Be The Answer To Improving Your SEO?

Unsurprisingly, SEO or search engine optimization decides how highly you rank on well-known search engines like Google. When users enter search terms related to your site, the better your SEO, the higher you show up. It might be challenging to master both on-site and off-site SEO, but real ranking success comes from various marketing tactics rather than just website optimization alone.

Even while it can appear that there is no connection between email marketing and the SEO ranking score, your email-based strategies are, in fact, silently at work. The major connections between SEO and email are the capacity to promote targeted SEO content, enhance off-page SEO elements, and deliver qualified traffic that results in improved engagement signals for Google and other search engines.

Your rankings will improve with little effort if you use your email marketing platforms for off-page SEO enhancers, including creating SEO-heavy content, sharable email formats, and call-to-action links to sites requiring qualified visitors.

Ways Email Marketing Boosts SEO

Almost every marketer wants to know the best way to boost SEO, and email marketing is fantastic. Listed below are the email marketing best practices that will help boost SEO with the advent of email marketing: 

Lower Email Bounce Rates

With the help of SEO email marketing, you can get a bigger targeted audience to attract to your website. You can share your notes or blog posts with those emails listed along with clear call-to-action (CTAs) that the interested recipients will click and visit your website. This helps in reducing the chances of email bounces.

Boosts Engagement

Getting more and more likes or comments on your blog posts and website indicates to the search engines that the content of your website is fresh and valuable. Therefore, it increases the SEO ranking. However, you can also contribute an email marketing strategy here for your content and brand messages. Adding links to your website, emails, or messages to the audience can attract more users toward your brand and affect the page rankings in the SERPs.

Eye-Catchy & Effective Format

Emails provide a simple yet appealing medium that fosters confidence. The best emails have a high open rate, a short subject line, and a brief body, and convey the content without going overboard. Because there isn't room for it, emails normally don't go on and on; this alone makes email marketing incredibly successful and easy. 

Maintain brevity in your emails so the recipient may quickly and simply absorb the message and make judgments without wasting their time. Your engagement rates and, eventually, the results of your SEO efforts will be directly or indirectly impacted.

Say No To High Bounce Rates

It's highly possible to reduce the bounce rate of website traffic by sending high-quality emails to your audience. “Avoid just flooding your subscribers' inboxes.” Make sure your emails offer anything worthwhile. Send content that doesn't let you down and enhances your viewers' lives. In this approach, they will be eager to receive your messages through your website and email.

In the end, this will lower your bounce rate, benefiting your website's SEO.

Adopt Email Automation Service

We know that email gives you the power to automate many things, so you can create email sequences and let that do its magic. Because email sequences help in getting an automated regular flow of traffic on your website, increasing your ranking on Google.

Social Media Engagement

Sending emails and social sharing buttons allows users to share your content. The more shares, the more viewers are on your website; this process is the most convenient and straightforward. This way, the targeted audience list gets broader. 

Personalize Your Content

High-quality content is significant for email marketing campaigns, but that should also be personalized so that it catches the attention of the audience in a better way. Because the more personalized emails attract users, the more traffic will be on your website.  

Tested & Tried Pro Tips To Boost Your SEO Ranking

So far, it's been pretty clear how email marketing can make room for boosting your onsite SEO. But don’t you think it becomes pretty bland without discussing some ace-worthy tips and tricks?  So, if you wish to boost your SEO rankings, below are some tips for the same:

  1. Organize your existing content with the help of SEO email marketing
  2. Improve the loading speed of your website
  3. Optimize images in your content
  4. Use conceptual visuals
  5. Use internal linking
  6. Work on the target keywords
  7. Track the metrics of your SEO with google analytics
  8. Create regular content for your website with low-competitive or low-researched keywords
  9. Repurpose your content into various other formats
  10. Your website should be mobile-friendly

 Final Thoughts

SEO and email marketing are generally not a pair, but for improving the ranking of your SEO, the email marketing strategy is proven to be the best. It mainly helps improve the conversion rates of users, increasing business sales and the return on investment. 

So after going through the tips mentioned above to boost your SEO ranking, all the small and medium business owners are suggested to go ahead with SEO email marketing.

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