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4 Approaches to Get More Local-based Clients Through Marketing

4 Approaches to Get More Local-based Clients Through Marketing

4 Approaches to Get More Local-based Clients Through Marketing

Imagine running a local diner. People who are just passing through the area may stop for a coffee and pancakes but, chances are, that this will be once-in-a-lifetime interaction between them and your business. A local patron, on the other hand, is a customer for life. They will keep returning, keep spending and produce the majority of your revenue.

Sure, in some industries, this logic is not applicable but in the majority of fields, just 20% of your regular customers will make 80% of your total profit. Now, in some fields (quite a lot of them actually), regular means local. In order to fully capitalize on this concept, you need to figure out the best way to approach these local clients. Here are four approaches that might have eluded you so far.

1. Mark your territory

If you’re going to run a business based on local business, you need to have your own territory. This means posting up signs, billboards, and posts around your headquarters. What you need is to mark the entire area with your headquarters as the hotspot in order to make your presence abundantly clear.

Now, while this may seem to be a bit out there, the truth is that the method itself is quite non-invasive. After all, you’re not reaching out to people personally. Instead, you’re merely flying your colors, sending a clear and direct message that the invitation is open to everyone. Then, you leave it up to them whether they’ll come or not.

These markings can also act as road signs, thus helping people navigate to your own business. One of the ways to mark your territory in the digital world (which is where the majority of your local customers will start their search) is to register locally. Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook, etc. are just some of your options.

Sponsoring a local team or evert, advertising in local newspapers, on local radio, or a local TV can also be quite effective. Doing everything local will give you the epithet of a local business. In a way, people will associate doing business with you with the idea of supporting the local economy. This is definitely the card that you can play.

2. Pick your spot carefully

Choosing your place of business is incredibly important and relocating, at a later date, is not advised. Why? Well, first of all, by doing so, you’ll probably have to start all over again.

Just think about the way in which people talk about local businesses. You rarely say just: “Do you want to go to that pizza place?”, instead, you’re far more likely to say: “Do you want to go to that pizza place on the corner of X and Y?”. In a way, the location becomes a part of the place’s identity. This means that even if you move the entire staff, try to transfer the style of the decoration, and even keep the menu (ingredients and all), it will no longer be perceived as the same place.

Also, it’s vital to mention that the location itself plays a huge role in your digital marketing. When it comes to making a decent longtail kw for your SEO, you’re likely to use the location of the enterprise. After all, this is the way in which people are going to look for you.

The address is also key when it comes to registering on Google My Business. Contact information is vital for people coming to you in person and they might check out this snippet before paying you a visit. According to some surveys, around 80% of people will check you out online before doing business with you in person. Needless to say, this search will begin with a mention of the location.

3. Show that you belong

In order to attract the attention of the local community, you must first show that you are a part of the local community – it’s that simple. Doing this, nonetheless, is a tricky part.

Now, the first thing you want to do is make a blog. Here, you’ll make a hint or two (in your content) that you belong to the region in question. Mention a local issue, address a local plight, or go for a piece of local trivia that will interest your audience. Second, you can attract the attention of a local celebrity or a person of interest and employ them as a guest blogger. This way, you’ll get an unofficial recognition.

Other than this, you should use your social media to share local news, interact on local portals, and, overall, interact with locals. You can also attend a local event or even host one. Keep in mind that there’s no better way to appeal to a local community than to show everyone that you understand their struggle (even care about it). Sponsoring a local event or a sporting team is another great way to get there. Just think of it as your branding spending.

4. Start a loyalty program

This is something that universally works when it comes to attracting regular customers. Now, when operating a local business, it is bound to give even better results. What you need to do is start a loyalty program, with reward points, a referral program, and everything else that comes to mind.

As we’ve already mentioned, the majority of your local followers will choose to do business with you out of convenience or nostalgia, however, there’s nothing wrong with adding a bit more of an incentive into the mix. What you’re really looking for is a way to tie them even closer.

The benefits coming from this system are multi-fold. You see, there’s this thing called customer lifecycle. Them becoming a customer (or even a regular customer) is not the end of the cycle. The last stage is when they become brand ambassadors. This means that they’ll recommend you to others of their own volition and without any incentive necessary. It means that they’ll bring others over and share your content on social networks.

In conclusion

In time, you might want to expand (even internationally) but this doesn’t mean that it’s worth abandoning the local marketing campaign. If anything, you just need to start a new one, this way with the location of the next franchise/branch in focus. Your main aim is always to attract the local audience, the only thing that will change is the locality itself.

By using these few approaches, it will be much simpler for you to get the attention you need and start building meaningful relationships with a local audience from the ground up. With the above-listed four methods, you just can’t fail.

Tim Tyler

Authored By Tim Tyler

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