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How to Implement a Successful Personalized Marketing Strategy

How to Implement a Successful Personalized Marketing Strategy

How to Implement a Successful Personalized Marketing Strategy

Large, global mega-corporations have built up animosity and resistance among regular users. Our brains are, by now, trained to filter out mass marketing emails, generic slogans and campaigns. To truly reach out to clients, and get them interested, a more humane, and warmer approach is needed. People respond to affection, genuine human conversation and care. To get inside people's minds, you must reach out to their hearts. And we are here to help out!

1. Mass personalised emails

Did you notice that slight difference in the title? Mass emailing strategies are horrible because email filters are refined, and users are more alert. Getting a genuine, active, and personal email address from a user is worth its weight in gold. Now imagine how expensive it is to squander such a golden opportunity to gain a permanent buyer.

Starting each email with the name of your user is a good start, as it shows that you've done your homework and are now mass emailing. Headlines are everything when it comes to email opening rates. Over ninety per cent of emails that do get opened, get opened because of the headline. The question remains, what should you include in your headline? For starters, the headline must speak to your chosen client. The word for their specific need/service has to appear, or the email will remain generic.

Take yourself, for example. Would you open a generic email from an unknown person that can't even be bothered to know your name? Well, neither would your future customers. Take time to know them, and you will notice the difference in your email campaigns.

2. Social media platforms

You may be wondering how to reach out, and start getting to know your target audience. The answer is to go where the users are online. Social media platforms are aggregators of users. There are loads of platforms online, and they all represent a gathering point for a type of user. Even within them are specific divisions for a more specific marketplace. What you need to do, is research which are the perfect ones for you. Casting your net far and wide to cover all platforms is wasteful, and you will get nowhere with that approach. Remember that a personal and well-tailored message on one platform is more impactful than ten generic messages everywhere.

3. Two heads are better than one

All of this may seem like too much to handle at the start! This is perfectly fine, as starting a personal marketing campaign takes time, money and manpower. These are hard to find nowadays and they may be expensive to invest in. To get the best bang for your buck, cooperating with a certified and successful recruitment agency from Sydney, can get you on the fast track to success! Getting active email lists, practical know-how and experienced managers to help you out is priceless, and in no time at all, you will get your money's worth. Consider it as an investment towards building your customer base and future success.

4. Employ the data

One way you can start building your campaign is to employ empirical evidence. Undisputable and reliable, the info you gather can help you shape and form your marketing strategy so you can communicate with your potential customers on a more personal level. Getting to know from where they come can help you make their profile. Customers from the USA and Europe are vastly different, and you need different approaches. Are your customers reaching out via mobile or desktop? What are their purchasing habits? How long are they staying on your site, and where are they clicking? What are your best-selling product and services, and who’s buying them?

These and much more, all play important parts when forming your marketing strategy. Using special software, like Google Analytics, can help you get started and make use of all the great data you already have. Each visit to your site or a click on your social media platform is a piece of the puzzle towards your ideal customers. Not using all the information, you have, is a waste of resources, and you don't want that.

Companies who try to make a genuine effort, stand out in the uniform crowd. Users are not some stats on a piece of paper, nor are they a statistic in a monthly report. They are living and breathing people who all have specific needs and desires. Any company which realises, and appeal to the humane side of the business is the one which will reap the profits from such marketing campaigns. The sooner you implement such strategies, the sooner you will gain a competitive edge!

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