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Turning Instagram Giveaway Participants Into Loyal Customers

Turning Instagram Giveaway Participants Into Loyal Customers

Turning Instagram Giveaway Participants Into Loyal Customers

Get insights on transforming Instagram giveaway entrants into lifelong customers! Boost brand loyalty and unleash the power of Instagram giveaways.

Instagram opens the door to opportunities and possibilities. For brands and influencers Instagram with its powerhouse of users that stands more than whooping 2 billion is a lucrative option to spread the name and products. A loyal customer base all starts with a strong and vibrant presence on Instagram. Brands and influencers across the world are leveraging the platform to further their interests. Taking care of your follower base by fruitfully engaging with them is the first step in the right direction. One powerful option for engaging with followers is the use of Instagram giveaways. They not only engage with the audience but lure them through the goodies that are on offer. The influx of new followers and engagement can give your business a nice boost.

How to Turn Instagram Giveaway Participants Into Loyal Customers

Instagram giveaways are a great way to generate excitement and engagement around your brand. However, the real value comes from turning those giveaway participants into loyal, repeat customers. Here are some tips for converting giveaway entrants into lifelong fans:

Highlight Your Products 

Assuming you are running the Instagram giveaway to promote your products, make sure to showcase and feature those items to giveaway entrants. In your giveaway announcement and rules posts, include photos of your products in use along with details about features and benefits. The idea is to generate excitement around what you are selling so that entrants are primed to make a purchase in the future.

Offer Discounts for Future Purchases

Once the giveaway is over, reach out to all the participants with a special offer just for them. This could be a discount code, free shipping, or access to a special product. Even if they didn’t win the giveaway, they will appreciate that you are showing your appreciation for their participation. While the winner should be rewarded handsomely, the goal is to incentivize other participants to make their first purchase and have a great experience with your brand. The winner should always be chosen with the help of the Instagram giveaway picker that makes the whole process transparent and legitimate which in turn will be loved by the audiences.

Offer Free Samples

Another creative way to hook giveaway participants is to offer free samples of your products. For example, if you sell beauty products, provide a few trial-size items for free with any purchase. This allows new customers to experience the quality of your products without full commitment. Just cover shipping and handling to remove all barriers. Free samples convert window shoppers into paying customers at an impressive rate.

Feature User-Generated Content

Collect photos and testimonials from existing customers of your products and share that content during and after the giveaway. User-generated content helps giveaway participants visualize how much others love your brand while establishing your credibility and authority. And it's a subtle nudge to entrants that they too could experience joy from your products.

Send Follow-Up Emails

Don’t let your giveaway participants disappear into the Instagram abyss. Collect email addresses as part of giveaway entries and follow up with emails. You should always keep track of Instagram giveaway entries for the future benefits it brings. Share more photos and videos of your products in use along with new offerings. Email is much more effective at converting customers compared to hoping someone comes back to your Instagram profile. Just be careful not to be overly promotional in your follow-up emails. Focus on value, education, and community.

Offer Referral Programs

Word-of-mouth marketing is invaluable for brands looking to grow. Tap into your giveaway participant network by offering rewards for referrals. Simple programs like providing $10 off both the referrer and referee make it worthwhile for enthusiasts of your brand to spread the word to friends and family. This continues expanding your reach and getting more potential customers in your sales funnel.

Highlight Happy Customer Stories

In addition to referrals, ask happy customers if they would be willing to share their positive experiences with your brand publicly. For example, if someone who discovered you from a giveaway has a great first purchase experience, ask to feature their story on your blog or social media. Peer stories, reviews, and testimonials go a long way in providing social proof for your products.

Surprise and Delight

Think of inexpensive but high-impact ways you can surprise and delight giveaway participants who make a first-time purchase. This could be a handwritten thank you note, complimentary gift add-on, or faster than expected shipping. Pleasant surprises after the point of sale create lasting positive memories with your brand.

Leverage Influencer Marketing

If you partnered with any influencers to help promote your Instagram giveaway, stay in touch with them. See if they are interested in an ongoing business relationship to continue promoting your products to their audiences. Offer free products, affiliate sales commissions, or other incentives that make it rewarding for influencers to keep chatting about your brand. Their continued promotion will reach new potential customers. 

Retarget Those Didn’t Win

Don't forget about the majority of giveaway participants who didn't win. Retargeting ad campaigns are a great way to get your products back in front of this group. Custom audiences and lookalike audiences make it easy to replicate that initial interested segment with similar demographics. Effective creative and special offers will convert giveaway losers into first-time buyers.

Offer Loyalty Rewards

Don’t forget to continue rewarding repeat customers who first discovered you through Instagram giveaways. Offer loyalty points or discounts that increase with more purchases. Feature loyal return customers on your social channels. Send surprise gifts or personalized offers. The goal is to make loyal customers feel special and appreciated. This incentivizes them to stick with you over competitors.


Instagram giveaways are an effective marketing tactic for increasing awareness and followers for your brand. But the real payoff comes from converting all that newfound interest into actual sales and lifelong loyal customers. Use these tips to turn giveaway participants into brand evangelists who buy from you again and again.

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