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How To Run A Thriving Giveaway On Instagram: A Step-by-Step Guide

How To Run A Thriving Giveaway On Instagram: A Step-by-Step Guide

A Step-by-Step Guide to Thriving Giveaway On Instagram

Unlock the secrets to a successful Instagram giveaway with our step-by-step guide. Learn how to run a thriving giveaway that captivates your audience and boosts engagement effortlessly. Elevate your brand on Instagram with our expert tips and watch your online presence flourish!


Running a giveaway on Instagram has become a popular strategy for businesses to increase their brand's online presence and engagement. With the rise of social media marketing, giveaways have proven to be an effective way to attract new followers, increase engagement, and raise brand awareness.

In this article, we will provide a step-by-step guide on running a thriving Instagram giveaway. This guide aims to help businesses understand the benefits of running a giveaway, set their goals and objectives for the giveaway.

Understanding the Benefits of Running a Giveaway on Instagram

Giveaways have become a popular marketing strategy on social media, and Instagram is no exception. These promotions are an effective way for businesses to increase their followers, engagement, and brand awareness. Businesses can attract a wider audience and gain new customers by offering a desirable prize. Moreover, giveaways on Instagram are a cost-effective form of marketing compared to traditional methods.

Running a successful giveaway on Instagram can bring numerous benefits to a business, making it an essential tool in its marketing toolkit. Through this article, we will discuss the various strategies and steps to help you run a thriving giveaway on Instagram and achieve your marketing goals.

Setting Your Goals and Objectives

Setting clear goals and objectives is crucial for running a successful giveaway on Instagram. This will not only guide your planning and execution but also help determine the type of giveaway and target audience. For instance, if your goal is to increase brand awareness, then your giveaway should focus on reaching a wider audience. On the other hand, if you want to increase sales, your giveaway prize should be relevant and valuable to your target audience.

 Choose achievable and measurable goals that align with your overall marketing strategy and use them to track the success of your giveaway. This will also help you in setting a realistic budget for your giveaway. Having a clear understanding of your goals and objectives will ensure that your giveaway is practical and brings the desired results.

Choosing the Prize

When it comes to running a successful giveaway on Instagram, the prize is a crucial element. It not only attracts participants but also increases engagement and brand awareness. When choosing a prize, it is important to consider your brand and target audience. Make sure the prize aligns with your brand and is something your followers will find valuable.

Consider offering a prize that is relevant to your business or products, as this can also attract potential customers. It is also important to set a budget for the prize and choose something that is cost-effective for your business. Remember, the prize should be enticing enough to encourage participation but not too extravagant that it becomes a burden on your budget. By choosing the right price, you can ensure a successful and worthwhile giveaway on Instagram.

Planning and Promoting Your Giveaway

Before launching your giveaway on Instagram, planning and promoting it effectively is crucial. This will help attract participants and increase engagement, ultimately leading to a successful giveaway. Here are some tips to help you with the planning and promotion process:

  1. Create eye-catching graphics and captions: A visually appealing post is more likely to catch your audience's attention. Use high-quality images and create attention-grabbing captions to promote your giveaway.
  2. Utilize Instagram ads and influencer partnerships: Collaborating with popular influencers or using Instagram ads can help you reach a larger audience and attract potential participants to your giveaway.
  3. Choose a relevant and valuable prize: Your prize should align with your brand and appeal to your target audience. Make sure it is something that they would be interested in and find valuable.
  4. Plan and schedule your posts in advance: It is important to have a schedule for your giveaway posts to keep your audience engaged and excited. Use tools like Hootsuite or Later to schedule your posts in advance.
  5. Use hashtags and encourage user-generated content: Hashtags can help your giveaway reach a wider audience. Encourage participants to use your giveaway hashtag and share user-generated content to increase engagement.

Running the Giveaway and Choosing a Winner

After all the planning and promotion, it's finally time to run your giveaway on Instagram. This is where you will see the results of your efforts and engage with your audience in real time.

  1. Set up the giveaway by choosing a specific hashtag that participants must use in their posts to enter. This will make it easier for you to track all the entries.
  2. Create clear and concise rules for the giveaway, including the entry deadline and any other requirements.
  3. When choosing a winner, make sure to do so fairly and transparently. You can use a random number generator or a third-party app to ensure fairness.
  4. Announce the winner on your Instagram page and thank all participants for their participation. This will build excitement and show your appreciation for your followers.

Engaging with participants throughout the giveaway is crucial. Respond to comments and questions promptly and encourage user-generated content by asking participants to tag your brand in their posts. The Boostiglikes helps to extend your Instagram reach, establish brand credibility, and eventually boost business growth.t. By following these steps, you can successfully run a giveaway on Instagram and choose a winner fairly.

Engaging with Participants

During your giveaway on Instagram, it is crucial to engage with participants to keep the excitement and momentum going. By actively responding to comments and questions, you can build a positive relationship with your audience, which can lead to increased brand loyalty and customer retention.

One way to engage with participants is by encouraging user-generated content. This not only helps to increase the visibility of your giveaway but also provides social proof and authenticity to your brand. You can ask participants to share photos or videos using your branded hashtag or by tagging your account in their posts.

In addition, you can create engaging content related to the giveaway, such as behind-the-scenes footage or sneak peeks of the prize. This will keep participants invested and interested in your brand.

Remember to also thank participants for their participation and announce the winner on Instagram. This shows that you value your followers and their contributions to your giveaway.

Measuring the Success of Your Giveaway

Once your giveaway has ended and a winner has been chosen, it's important to take the time to measure its success. This will help you understand your giveaway's impact and provide valuable insights for future giveaways and your overall marketing strategy on Instagram. In this section, we will discuss the various ways to measure the success of your Instagram giveaway.

1. Tracking Engagement:

One of the key metrics to measure the success of your giveaway is engagement. This can include likes, comments, shares, and saves on your giveaway post. You can also track the number of mentions, tags, and user-generated content related to your giveaway. These engagement metrics will give you an idea of how well your giveaway resonated with your audience and the level of interest it generated.

2. Increase in Followers:

A successful giveaway should also increase followers. People often participate in giveaways to win a prize, but if they find your content and brand appealing, they are likely to continue following your account even after the giveaway. Use the "Insights" section on Instagram to track the number of new followers during the giveaway period and compare it to your usual growth rate to gauge its impact.

3. Attracting New Customers:

A well-planned giveaway can also help attract new customers to your business. By reaching a wider audience through the use of hashtags and influencer partnerships, you may have introduced your brand to potential customers who may have yet to come across it. Please keep track of any increase in website traffic or sales during and after the giveaway to measure its impact on new customer acquisition.

4. Measuring Sales:

If your goal for the giveaway was to drive sales, tracking its impact on your revenue is important. This can be done by using a unique discount code or tracking the number of purchases during the giveaway period. By analyzing the sales data, you can determine the effectiveness of your giveaway in driving conversions and revenue.

5. Analyzing Data:

In addition to tracking the metrics mentioned above, it's also important to analyze the data to gain insights into the success of your giveaway. Look for patterns and trends in the data to understand what worked well and what can be improved for future giveaways.


In conclusion, running a giveaway on Instagram can significantly benefit your business by increasing followers, engagement, and brand awareness while being a cost-effective marketing strategy. Following the step-by-step guide in this article, you can set clear goals and objectives, choose a relevant and valuable prize, plan and promote your giveaway effectively, engage with participants, and measure its success through various metrics.

Remember always to stay transparent and follow through with the prize to maintain a positive brand image. With the increasing popularity of giveaways on social media,

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