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7 Key Points To Make Attractive E-Commerce Website Layout In 2022

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7 Key Points To Make Attractive E-Commerce Website Layout In 2022

Make Attractive E-Commerce Website

Design e-commerce website layout following our 7 Key Points to success in 2022. You might be an e-commerce website title-holder or just a designer.

Website design is a continuously evolving procedure. Reevaluating e-commerce website layout designs is the need of the hour. As a designer, you must ensure that your consumers encounter the finest shopping experience. You might be an e-commerce website title-holder or just a designer, the one thing you cannot afford is, getting left behind.  Let us learn more about e-commerce website layout design trends.


Web design in the earlier times was all about being adaptive & responsive. But nowadays online shoppers always opt for Smartphone devices for shopping. Due to these, companies these days while dealing with eCommerce website design need to shift their focal point for making sure that they are reaching the pinnacle of their potential. Designers are nowadays crafting e-commerce websites for Smartphones first that can adapt to larger screens easily. You will also be able to witness mobile-friendly attributes on several e-commerce website themes like finger-friendly symbols and lengthy scrolling pages.

Interactive shopping with animations

The template website e-commerce that has gained prominence these days is Google’s Material Design which is why e-commerce websites will witness the integration of interactive elements. Many websites are employing animations also that ensure rapid navigation for shoppers. Users will remain hooked to these e-commerce websites as there will be a lot of icon rotations, dynamic loading bars, cool buttons, etc.

The e-commerce website layout of homepages will carry more cinemagraphs that are images carrying repeating animations.

Eye-catching colors

The e-commerce website layout design trend of this year involves the utilization of bold & bright colors that can actually connect with consumers at a deeper level. Striking colors harmonizing with neutral backgrounds, massive typography, stunning navigational aids; texture wise, websites will definitely appear to be more unique than ever before.


Be it any e-commerce website development company in the current times, they are all bringing in chatbots with AI or Artificial Intelligence into the realm of e-commerce. The purpose of chatbots is to answer the queries presented by customers regarding products or services. But some chatbots are also designed with advanced technologies for helping customers with buying decisions, delivering important shipping notifications, etc,

Original photography

Without high quality and eye-catching pictures, any e-commerce web layout you choose, it will not bring you the desired result. This year we will witness the emergence of custom photography. Large images will just not be for homepages but the internal product pages will contain those as well. If you want to sell your products effectively, you must refrain from using stock images.


Among the numerous e-commerce website layout ideas, storytelling is something that can bring any lifeless brand into life. You must strive in establishing an emotional link between your customers via storytelling as this will help in earning credibility from customers.

Enhanced security

The layout for eCommerce websites must be something that is powered by robust security. HTTPS encryption is a must for all e-commerce websites as it will also enhance the confidence of the customers while they shop online. Cyber attacks need to be stopped at any cost.

Wrapping up

No difficulty in navigation and stunning e-commerce website layout designs are extremely vital components for attracting the attention of users. The objective is always to encourage visitors for staying longer on the pages & ultimately proceeding with a purchase. You need to recognize the techniques, tools, and tendencies of web design that will help you take your business to the leading position in the year 2022. Hire Magento developer today for getting started with the designing of your e-commerce website. Contact us today.

Manan Ghadawala

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