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What to Look for When Hiring Offshore Developers?

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What to Look for When Hiring Offshore Developers?

Complete Guide on Hiring Offshore Development Team

Want to hire offshore developers? There are some important things that you need to be clear about before you start building your team.

You are planning to hire offshore developers but you do not know where you should begin. You first need to understand what offshore programming is. This means that you are going to look for a company that will provide the needed services for programming outside the company’s host country. You cannot just hire offshore developers that you will find online. You need to make an effort to learn more about what they can do. The more that they can offer, the greater the chance that they can help your company develop.

Why You Need Offshore Developers for Your Startup?

How to Hire Offshore Developers for a Startup

Your startup company can still be struggling right now. You are trying to budget your money as well as you can. It seems that money just keeps on getting out and you are not getting any money in.  You need the right offshore developers to help you build products that can improve your company.

This is the reason why you should look for offshore developers that can offer offshore web development. They will be providing the services that you want without the high fees. The money that you will save can be used on other aspects of your business that would also need development.

These are the other reasons why you need to hire offshore developers:

  • You are going to save some money in the process. Studies show that 46% of startup companies fail after the first few months because they do not have money anymore. You do not have to pay for the other costs of hiring offshore developers as compared to having in-house developers. No need to pay for the rent of the office, insurance benefits, and so much more.
  • They can also be more productive. These developers will be working in their own time. They are going to do their best to focus on the projects that you give them and finish those products when you already need them.
  • Some people say that they have found the most talented people through searching for the best offshore developers. If you search within the area, those who are good are already hired by large companies. You are just starting so it will be harder to make your company more appealing. Offshore software developers may be more than willing to provide your startup a chance.

Take note that the rates may sometimes depend on the vendor from where you are going to hire the developers. You can ask for their rates ahead of time to guide you in making the best choice.

Key Things to Consider When Hiring an Offshore Team

You need to have a team of developers. You cannot just hire one person and expect that this person will do all of the things that you need. There are some important things that you need to be clear about before you start building your team.

1. Be Clear About Your Business Goals

You want to find a team of people who will also believe in your goals. The more that they understand what you want to achieve, the more that they will be willing to work together to reach those goals. There are also smaller goals that are available that will help reach that large goal.

2. Know the skills that you need from your developers for the project that you have in mind

You will always have different projects. One offshore team may work well in one project but their skills may not be apt for another one. Remote programmers will always have talents. They will be more equipped to handle different types of projects. Understand what you need from the developers that you will hire before building your team.

3. How Much Are You Willing to Spend

You need to know how much your budget is before you build your team. This will help you know how much you are going to pay for each member of the team. Look for the areas where you know that you can still save money. You cannot go all out yet because your money is limited.

4. Learn Details About Various Offshore Locations

Your competitors may also have some preferences when hiring the right people for the offshore development team. For example, you may hear that they normally hire developers from Ukraine. You can learn more about this so that you know where to start searching.

Some companies say that they would still prefer to hire offshore because they feel that this is not as risky compared to hiring in-house programmers and developers. The money that they have to spend is not going to be as expensive too.

Where Should You Look?

best countries for offshore software development

The leading place to look for remote developers is in some Eastern European countries. You can be sure about the quality of their skills, their knowledge, and all the things that they can provide. Others who would like to save a bit may want to look for programmers and developers coming from Asia like India.

You need to consider the following so that you can decide where to look:

  • Time Zone Difference – You need to speak with your team constantly and if the time zone difference is huge, finding the right time to speak can become a challenge. You need to know the right place where you will be able to synchronize the time properly.
  • No Face-to-Face Communication – This isn’t a problem for a lot of people who are used to working remotely. Some offshore software developers have worked for different companies remotely for years. They are already well-adjusted to it. If this is something new to you, think about it more than once. If you think that you can adjust to it then go for it.
  • There are going to be a lot of vendors to choose from – It can be confusing when you can get programmers from different vendors. You can check the rating that the vendors have received. The better the rating of the vendors, the more that you can count on their developers.
  • Some cultural differences may emerge – There may be things that are completely okay with you. Yet, some developers may be more sensitive about some topics because of their culture. This is another thing that you can consider before you hire the right developers.

If you think that the developers and programmers can fit into your company culture, then you are halfway into building the right team.


Finding the right team of well-skilled and knowledgeable programmers will make a lot of difference. Do you think you are ready to hire the right people? Remember that getting offshore developers will allow you to have wider access to great talents from different parts of the world. The more that you know what you are searching for, the easier it will be to find talented people.

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