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How to Create High Converting eCommerce Landing Pages

How to Create High Converting eCommerce Landing Pages

Create High-Converting eCommerce Landing Page

Improving eCommerce conversion rate is a challenging task, learn how to create high converting eCommerce landing pages using 5 simple tips

A well-designed landing page for selling merchandise is an important tool for convincing consumers to purchase from your online store; however, many e-businesses do not know how to produce an eCommerce landing page template that can turn visitors into paying customers.

eCommerce landing page template

To help you out, we have compiled top 05 insights for best selling and effective landing pages. In this article, you’ll explore the best eCommerce landing pages examples which you can examine to improve your conversion rates.

According to this Deloitte case report, nearly 54 percent of 2000 online shop customers leave their shopping carts.

Why is this so? Let's take a closer look.

To begin, 96 percent of online store visitors are not prepared to make a purchase. Before we jump to our main goal, let’s first understand why customers abandon their shopping carts on an eCommerce website.

  • Presented with unexpected price cost
  • Unsuitable delivery options
  • Usually browsing only
  • Found a better price elsewhere
  • Website crashed
  • Overall price too costly
  • Website timeout
  • Website navigation too complicated
  • Checkout process was too long
  • Payment was declined

These are some of the most common reasons why customers abandon their shopping carts. Now let’s first understand what exactly a landing page is.

What is a Landing Page?

We can divide landing pages into two types:

  • Landing page for lead generation
  • Landing page for an eCommerce store

The first kind of landing page is intended to collect consumer information. The second type is focused on turning website users into consumers. A landing page can communicate a specific message to consumers in order for them to take a specific step.

In reality, any page that your customers arrive at is a landing page. A landing page might, for example, be:

  • A homepage
  • Product pages
  • Category pages

These are the most common landing pages that a first-time visitor encounters while entering an online store.

Many aspects have changed from the days when a customer's path was a straight line. You should search the online store stats to see which sites are more prominent than the homepage. As there are more new points and channels of brand contact, consumer experiences are becoming even more fragmented.

The tips we'll go over are particularly relevant to almost all sites of your online store. All high-traffic pages must capture the interest of potential buyers, demonstrate the appeal of the products, and persuade them to make a purchase.

What is the best way to build high-converting eCommerce landing pages? We've compiled a list of the best eCommerce landing page concept ideas in the article below.

Five tips to create high-converting eCommerce landing pages

Detailed high-quality product images

If you have a poor conversion rate on your product pages? Using detailed, high-quality images for the best product landing pages is a brilliant option in this situation. Customers should be able to see the goods in great detail. This example from TYME demonstrates how to convince consumers with visual content.

how to convince consumers

The business provides accurate information to online shop customers by using high-quality detailed images of products.

The organization also saw a 44 percent drop in conversion on pages where they put photos demonstrating how to use this tool. The explanation is straightforward. Such photographs are uninformative, and potential buyers are unable to compare them to competitors' brands.

When an online store only sells one item, it can offer consumers all of the product's information in order to convince them to buy it and have the product's value. Visitors to online stores that are undecided about purchasing a product seek more facts before making a final decision.

Adding testimonials and customer feedbacks on landing pages

Building confidence in an online store is a difficult challenge. What may we glean from best practices for eCommerce landing pages? First, the majority of them rely on customer feedback to help them develop their operations. Take into account testimonials next. This is excellent for gaining the interest of consumers. Don't forget about the evidence behind social media.

customer feedbacks on landing pages

If you're still unsure of how to build a high-converting landing page, take a look at this example from Taloon.com. To allow consumers to remain on the website, they removed social media buttons from product landing pages. The organization increased “Add to cart” conversions by 11.9 percent after implementing the tip.

Using feedback to boost landing pages is also a good idea. Are you really unsure? The figures in the statistics below will persuade you that this approach is successful.

It is important not to erase poor consumer feedback by using them. Customers who are thinking about purchasing a commodity tend to see both the positive and negative aspects of the product.

According to Revoo, negative feedback boosts conversion by 85%. Consider that consumers who are hunting for unfavorable feedback on a product are more likely to make a purchase.

Special discounts for loyal customers

Do you want to increase the effectiveness of your landing pages? To do this, consider using a coupon or promotional code. In this section, we will reveal some exclusive pricing secrets.

Yoast teaches us that online stores can use discounts to turn more than just website users into consumers. Furthermore, discounts are an excellent method for increasing consumer loyalty.

Can this technique really work? Yes, it does, as shown by Corkscrew Wine Merchants' case report. They used a "15 percent discount" on their most common landing pages, which increased conversion by 148.3 percent.

Special discounts for loyal customers

Do you like to see more explanations of how other businesses use deals on landing pages? More advice can be found at Q-See.

Another way to draw more buyers is to have exclusive deals in the description. In this instance, the business improved conversion by 4%.

Inform customers about out of stock products

Customers are frustrated when they want to purchase a product that is out of stock. How are you going to do that?

First, the landing page (with product information) should notify consumers that this item is currently out of stock. Around the same time, if the product is well-known, it can be of good quality, enabling consumers to have confidence in it.

The second thing you need to do is choose to Notify Me. You will use this option to notify consumers when the commodity will be back in stock. In addition, When customers visit your online store you’ll get their email addresses which you can use later on for marketing purposes.

marketing purposes

Add zoom feature on product page

Your prospective customers will be able to see your product pictures more clearly with this tool.

How can you apply a zoom option to a product listing in an online store? Using one of the following tools:

  • Magic Toolbox
  • Magento Zoom
  • Cloud Zoom

add zoom feature on product page

Using Magic Toolbox's Magic 360 to offer more functionality to consumers. This tool helps customers to browse the whole catalog of items available in the online store.


There are several tips for increasing sales on your landing page; nevertheless, to ensure good results, begin with the five tips we discussed in this post. The expertise of eCommerce pioneers is an excellent starting point for increasing the profitability of your online store.

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