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Base64 Encoder

Convert Binary to Base64 String with Base64 Encoder Online Tool

Base64 Encoder helps to convert Binary to Base64 String. Just enter your data into the input box below and click on the Encode button.


Turbo Base64 Encoder

World's best base64 encoder is a free online encoder. It helps to Encode any data to base64 string format quickly. You can decode it by Base64 decoder To know more about Base64 Encoder read the full article.

Base64 Encoder is the easiest and most convenient way for you to encode any binary data in Base64 Encoder format. Base64's online tools are very easy to use and you can easily paste any type of string by converting the data to Base64 encoder format in real-time.

Base64 is an encoding scheme that reads from binary and performs an encoding scheme and can also be printed. The string format represents and represents binary data. Base64 encoding is commonly used to accurately transmit data to the media which is designed to handle binary data and 7-bit US data. The reason for encoding the charset for data adjustment is so as not to lag behind. Base64 encoding data can be printed by encoding text in ASCII format and it can be securely transferred to the communication's channel. If you want to send a picture by email, the email software will send the picture with Base64 encoding.

Why Base64 Encoder Used?

Base64 Encoder is one of the easiest ways to convert binary or text data to printable string format.

Base64 is used for encoding because it can be easily converted. Binary data is transmitted very carefully and securely using media from any transmission protocol which makes it secure. Supports binary data correctly but does not manage. We should keep in mind that the Base64 encoder does not shorten or shorten the scheme. Converts binary data or images to ASCII characters as they were but does not distort them correctly. It is also called Base64 for one reason that ASCII converts from a set of characters by working with a subset of 64 characters.

The 64 characters also contain high and low alphabets (A-Za-z) and the numbers (0-9) include +, /. And these 64 characters are skimmed through the alphabet of base 64. Converts binary data very accurately so that the main image is not distorted so people are very comfortable with it and so everyone uses it.

How does Base64 Encoder Work?

Base 64 Encoder US - ASCII Charset has a total of 65 character alphabets as well as sub-sets. The first 64 alphabets are a sequence of 6-bit binary equivalents which are 26-64 mapped according to this sequence and an additional letter or 65th alphabet (=) is used primarily for padding. The characters from 0 to 63 Encoder include a base of binary sequence in a 6-bit binary sequence and the character mapping of Base64 is used in the encoder process.

The Base64 encoder follows the binary 8-bit algorithm string system, processes and connects input from left to right, converts from 8 bits to 24 bits, and considers these contents in groups of 6 bits and consults 64 bits because, in a 6-bit group, Base64 Converts the alphabet to a single letter. When the Base64 encoder is input, there are less than 24 bits to bring extra zeros from 6 bits which are added to the right and output depending on the two pads (=) and the last part has 8 bits. Base64 is used in the index table for results by adding four zero bits to a structure in two 6-bit groups.

How to Base64 Encode string?

1. Just paste your data in the form above.

2. Click on Encode button.

And you get base64 encoded data.

For auto, result click on the Auto-update button.

You can decode Base64 encoded data using the Turbo Base64 decoder.