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Online Base64 Decoder

Use base64 decode online tool to get base64 encoded data back. Just enter your base64 encoded data in the box below and click on "Decode Base64 String" button.

Enter base64 encoded data


Turbo Base64 Decoder

Base64 Decoder is a free online decode tool. It helps to decode base64 encoded string safe way. Let convert base64 encoded string to text To know more about Base64 Decoder read the full article.

Base64 Decoder is a very simple and easy-to-use online tool available at Turbo SEO Tools to decode the Base64 encoded data to the binary data. This decoder tool is an online tool that will convert the Base64 to the original data. This online decoder tool is as smart as it is very simple to use. Its main work of this tool is the ability to auto-detect the encoding standard. This Base64 Decoder will allow you to decrypt the Base64 strings.

Generally, the Base64 is a wide collection of the related encoding designs which are helping to represent the binary information into the ASCII format by converting them into the base64 representation.

Base64 encoding is used when there is a requirement to encode the binary information that needs to be stored or transferred over the media that are developed to working with the textual information.

Use of Base64 scheme

Base64 encoding schemes are widely used when the requirement to encode the binary data that need to be stored and transferred to the media that are specially designed for working with the textual data. This will ensure that the data will remains intact without the other modification during the transport. The Base64 is used in a large number of applications including email via MIME, and for storing complex data in XML or in JSON.

The Base64 decode Java tool will also accept the invalid characters?

By default the Base64 decode online tool will strip the characters outside of the Base64 alphabet there is allowing them to decode the Base64 strings even when they are been unacceptable in the terms of the normal standard. For example, avoids the errors if the Base64 string was copied with having the extra spaces or with the punctuation marks.

How to decode the Base64 string online using the decoder tool

  1. First, you will select the string and paste it into the Base64 Decode Javascript toolbox.
  2. Then you will select the algorithm standard which you need. When you do not know then leave it as the decoder will automatically detect it.
  3. Enable the decoding mode and when you want to make sure that the Base64 strings contain only the valid characters only.
  4. When you want to know about what encoding the real data was in then select the character encoding list.
  5. Now just press the Decode64 button.
  6. Now just copy the output from the result text field.

In this way, the Base64 string will get decoded easily and you can easily use it.

A simple process of decode the string at Turboseotools

The best online Base64 decoder tool is available at the Tubroseotools. You will easily get the simple process to decode the string. Here you will just paste the string in the input or in the upper field and press or click on the Decode button.

When you check out the Auto Update button, then there is no need to press the Decode button. This will automatically convert the submitted encoded Base64 string to the Base64 Decode string.