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URL Encoder and Decoder

Decode from URL-encoded format or Encode URL

To use Turbo Online URL Encode/Decode, Paste Urls in the input box given below and click on the Encode/Decode button.

Enter the text that you wish to encode or decode:

Turbo URL Encoder and Decoder

URL Encoder is a simple and easy to use online tool to convert any string to URL Encoded format in real time. Decode from or Encode to URL any time. To know more about URL Encoder and Decoder read the full article.

What is URL Encoding?

When you type a URL into your web browser, it uses something called URL encoding to translate special characters into characters that are allowed in a URL. For example, the character "#" is not allowed in a URL, so it gets translated to "%23" in URL encoding.

URL encoding is important because it allows you to include characters in a URL that would otherwise not be allowed. Without URL encoding, you would not be able to include spaces or certain symbols in a URL.

URL encoding is also sometimes called percent-encoding because it uses the "%" character to represent special characters.

What is URL Decoding?

URL Decoding is the process of converting URL-encoded characters back to their unencoded form.

When a browser sends a request to a server, it encodes the URL characters to ensure that they are transmitted safely. This encoding includes replacing certain characters with a % followed by a two-digit hexadecimal value. For example, spaces are encoded as %20.

URL Decoding reverses this process, converting this %20 back to spaces. This is necessary when retrieving data from a server, as the data will be encoded in the same way as the URL..

About Turbo URL Encoder and Decoder

Turbo URL Encoder and Decoder is an online tool to Encode and Decode any URL in one tool. 

How to use URL encoder decoder online tool

There are to clipboard one for encoding and 2nd for decoding. Consistent with your necessity you may use both clipboards. our free encoder tool like encoder pro tools