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Online Website Screenshot Generator

Online website screenshot generator offered by Turbo SEO tools which enable you to easily capture any web page and provide a screenshot or thumbnail to you. Our free website screenshot generator tool is very straightforward and easy to use for all, you have to provide a website URL which you want to generate a screenshot and it will do the rest of the work by itself and let you save the captured image in jpeg format. If you wish to save any website screenshot in responsive setting, then you can use our website screen resolution simulator tool. We don't add any watermark on captured screenshots so you can use the captured images on any social media you want.

Why Do You Need Website Screenshot Generator Tool?

Taking website Screenshot is a universal task we do on daily basis, it would come in handy more if you are running a blog, work as a guest blogger or you have a Pinterest board to pin images. Captured similes can be more helpful on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

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