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Get Source Code of Webpage

This tool can help you to view the HTML source code of any website. Just enter the URL in the box below and click on the Get Source Code button.

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Turbo Get Source Code of Webpage

Want to View HTML source code of any website? Just enter your URL in the toolbox and click on "View HTML Code" button to Get Source Code of Webpage. To know more about Get Source Code of Webpage read the full article.

Get source code of webpage is a professionally designed online tool. It helps to view the website to HTML code. The source code stays backend and the code makes your browser an enriching experience for users. Search engines like Google "read" this source code to find out where their pages should be displayed in their indexes for a particular query. Although you can see the source code of a site with the option of show source code in different browsers, some sites have disabled the feature and do not see any source code.

Turbo SEO Tools has created a unique source code viewer tool that shows the HTML code (programming languages) of a website in seconds. Simply enter the full URL of the website and see the complete source code of the website. This tool support source tree downloads HTML code for a website.

Why do I need to retrieve the source code of webpage?

You may wonder why you need the source code of a website right? By reading the source code of a website, you can quickly identify many important things. Read the main uses of the source code of the web page for webmasters.

Title tag: Title tags are so important to SEO on the page, and these are the titles that Google shows for different websites when you are looking for something. With this tool, you can check if the label is contained in the source code or not. If you do not have the source code, you will not receive the Google rankings. The title tag is usually displayed at the top of the source code and ends with.</ title>

Meta Description: Meta description is a 160-character snippet that is displayed under the title of your page in search engines. There are some sites that completely ignore Meta descriptions and, therefore, do not get the desired rankings. Source viewer tool to verify whether the target is displayed in code or not.

Links: You can see the source code of the page to see if the link is on the web page "nofollow" or "dofollow". If you find this type of code rel = 'external nofollow', it means that the web page is included in the following links and if you find a similar code with the word 'follow' in it, follow the links. It is very useful with backlinks for your website.

With our website source code tool, you can also learn many things like Meta site data, Google Analytics code, alt image tags, Google Adsense code and more.

How to view website code using this tool?

How to see the HTML code of a website? Our tool is fast, free and accurate. Delivers the source code of a web page in seconds. Each webmaster can use our tool to see the source of a website page and to see what is underneath the nice website! No registration or registration is required.