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Dead links reduce website traffic and create a bad user experience which is harmful to rank your website. So use turbo broken link checker to be safe. To know more about Broken Link Checker read the full article.

Before starting to check your website’s broken link you have to know some basic information about broken or dead links. Because dead/broken link is an important SEO factor.

To be successful in blogging you have to fix broken links because it creates a bad user experience.

What is a Dead link or broken link?

A broken link is a hyperlink of a web page or website URL that can't be found or accessed by a user. If a user clicks on those links they redirect to the 404 page / Page Not found page.

In a word, you can indicate broken links as non-working links or web pages.

Broken Link Example

For example, you have created a new article about “Example New Article” and make a hyperlink to another page for making inline backlinks. So, your users defiantly click on the created hyperlink and visit your newly created article “Example New Article”. But, somehow you have deleted or changed the newly created link “Example New Article” from your website.

Now, if a visitor clicks on the hyperlink/inline backlink to know information, they won’t get the page because you already deleted it. So “Example New Article” is now a broken link or dead link.

How to find broken or dead links?

Finding broken links on a website requires many hours and effort because you have to check hundreds or thousands of pages of your website. It will be harder for a large website to check broken links manually.

In these cases, you have to use a website broken link checker to find and alter broken links. There are many broken link finder software. But I recommended an online base dead link finder tool to find your website’s dead links.

You can use the Turbo Broken Link Finder tool which will crawl your site and display the pages with 404 errors or broken links within a few seconds only.

How to use Turbo Broken Link Finder Tool?

It’s very easy to use. Simply follow our step by step guideline:

STEP-1: Enter your website URL into the toolbox.

STEP-2: Click on the I’m not a robot box and pass the image verification

STEP-3: Click on the Find Dead Links Button.

Broken Link Checker

Now, wait some time. Turbo Broken links checker tool will analyze your web pages and find dead links. Within a few seconds, you will get the result.

How to remove broken links from website?

If your website contains dead links, you have to find and delete those hyperlink or replace with other links.

To remove, you have to open your pages with a code editor and remove the hyperlink. If you are a WordPress user, it will be easier for you. Just follow the below steps to remove broken links from your website.

  1. Login to your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Open a post that has broken hyperlinks
  3. Select the hyperlink text and click the unlink button from the editor.

Final Words

I hope you have understood about the dead link and the broken link checker. If need any information or help let me know through email using our contact page.

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