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Why Learn SEO Optimization For Your Website in 2023?

Why Learn SEO Optimization For Your Website in 2023?

Learn SEO From Scratch

You should learn SEO for optimizing your own website for long-term business and make money online providing SEO services. Start today to rank websites

Learning SEO is the best practice to make your website SEO friendly.

Yes, I told everyone who asked me "How to make my website SEO friendly?" Keep in mind SEO is a continuous process. So, you should learn SEO for optimizing your own website. If you learn white hat SEO Optimization and practice regularly, You can easily rank your website without hiring any SEO agencies or freelancers. SEO learning not only helps your website but also you can easily earn money providing SEO services.

Why You Should Learn SEO Optimization?

There are many reasons for learning SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If you know how to optimize your website, then you will be benefited:

Safe your Website: You can do SEO using two methods. White Hat SEO Method and Black Hat SEO Method. Black Hat SEO is harmful to any website. If you know SEO tips and tricks, You can save your website from Black Hat SEO. White Hat SEO is a slow process but safe for your niche.  

Save Money: SEO is a continuous process and expensive. If you hire someone to make your website SEO friendly, You have to pay a lot of money. Every day your competitors are trying to rank their website. So, You have to fight with your competitors doing Search Engine Optimization regularly. 

Earn Money: Nowadays about 70% of businessmen are developing their business websites to inform their customers through their websites. Especially eCommerce websites are increasing day by day. So, I think  Search Engine Optimization has a bright future.

Now think a second for earning money online providing site optimization services. First, learn technical SEO online free following step by step SEO Coaching and optimizing your website then provide local and social media SEO services to make money online using your own website or various marketplace like Fiverr, Upwork, Seoclerk

Learn New Things: We know knowledge is power. If you have SEO knowledge then you can help others by providing search engine optimization tips. It not only helps other webmasters but also will be helpful for best SEO practices.

Where To Learn SEO Optimization?

There are many places for learning anything especially Search Engine Optimization. If you search in Google, You will find a lot of SEO tutorials. You can also search on Youtube with your targeted keyword. Some YouTubers have created playlists for

  • Google Analytics
  • Search Console (Webmaster Tool)
  • WordPress Optimization
  • OnPage & Off-Page SEO

Related step-by-step guidelines. You can follow their instructions.

How long does it take to learn Search Engine Optimization?

About 2-3 days you have to spend to get knowledge of SEO. But you have to practice regularly to be an SEO Expert. Most people think optimizing a website is harder. So, they hire another person to make their website search engine friendly.

I suggest you, lose 2-3 days from your valuable time for SEO technique learning. After 3 days you will see the result.

If you try Turbo Website Reviewer online tool, You will learn quickly. Just follow the below steps...

  1. Read full On-Page SEO instruction of Turbo Website Reviewer
  2. Simply enter any website URL in the toolbox and click on the Check SEO Score button.
  3. You will get a result page with SEO Score. This result will teach you about 57% SEO Technique. Just follow why pass or fail
  4. Finally follow the complete SEO checklist and apply before publishing any new article.

I hope this technique will help you to learn Onpage SEO optimization fast, easy and quick way.

Final Words

SEO media marketing, Social media rankings, Website analysis are the parts of Search Engine Optimization. I know almost all website owners have Social accounts. So, apply all of your social networks to Learn SEO.

Masum Billah

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