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7 SEO Strategy Mistakes You Should Avoid as a Fashion Business

7 SEO Strategy Mistakes You Should Avoid as a Fashion Business

7 SEO Strategy Mistakes You Should Avoid as a Fashion Business

As a serious fashion business, you need to have in place a good SEO strategy. If you’re doing your SEO alone, without the help of SEO professionals, make sure you avoid these 7 pitfalls.

As a fashion business, your main SEO goal should be optimizing your website so that it can attract more customers and in that way, increase your online revenue.

To help them out with their SEO strategy, a lot of fashion businesses and brands turn to SEO agencies for help. But some do the SEO on their own.

Those brands that like doing things on their own, also tend to struggle a lot more with SEO. It’s not uncommon that they also make a lot more mistakes. So, to help you out, we rounded up 7 SEO strategy mistakes that you should avoid at all costs.

1. Not making the page accessible

One of the largest SEO mistakes that most fashion businesses tend to make has to do with site accessibility. The page accessibility mistakes that we usually see include the lack of alt text on images, poor link text, lack of form labels, no keyboard accessibility for screen readers, and so on.

To be able to create an accessible webpage, you need to think of all types of readers, include alt text for images, use color with care and make sure that all content on your page is accessible.

In most cases, it’s the alt text that creates the most problems. Alt text is there to describe what the image on your page represents. It provides information for screen readers to help all the visually impaired understand the image.

Similarly, you should deal with flash elements on your webpage and make the dynamic content more accessible as well.

As a fashion business, you must already be using tons of different software such as Unmade, and similar designing and sketching software, so why not invest in website accessibility software, as well? It can turn out to be quite useful.

2. Lack of content

These days, web content is highly important, and if you don’t have enough of it, your site might be considered under construction. For better results, you need to make sure that your webpage has around 1000 words or more.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that every page on your site needs to have this many words, but it’s recommended that the majority of pages need around 600. Pages such as “Contact us” don’t need this many words.

When creating content, make sure that you do it regularly and that you create content with relevant topics, that educate and inform the readers. If you need someone to write better content for you, don’t be afraid to hire SEO professionals. They have all the necessary knowledge and expertise to make your website up to Google’s or any other engine’s standards.

3. Link-building content that isn’t good enough

Let’s get this out of the way – old news is no news at all. That’s why clothing brands and businesses should refrain from trying to make old news significant or viral in any way.

You may know that for SEO, inbound links are important as they are considered to have high organic search engine rankings. But the key with inbound links is that they require unique high-quality, content that can be shared.

So, if you want to improve your SEO strategy, you need to create good, news-worthy, and link-worthy content. The fashion industry is huge, and there are bound to be some gaps that you can capitalize on. If you need to, once again, consider hiring content writers.

4. Optimization of wrong keywords

Just like link-worthy content, keywords are crucial for SEO. The most important thing to be aware of is that keywords are not created equal. What this means is that high search volume keywords aren’t always the right choice. They may drive a lot of traffic to your webpage but that doesn’t always mean money for your business.

Instead of optimizing for high-volume keywords, try to optimize for long-tail keywords. These keywords, even though they have a much smaller search volume and thus, less competition, can turn out to be more profitable for your business.

Keyword search volume isn’t an exact science, so you shouldn’t always bet on high-volume keywords – keep that in mind.

5. Poor internal link-building structure

Internal links are any links that lead from one page of your website to another page also on your website. Users and search engines alike, use internal links to look for content on your website.

This implies that internal links are highly important for your website. The more internal links you have on your website, the more important your website is in the eyes of search engines.

So, you see how poor internal link structure can hurt your website. To ensure that you’re using all the right internal links, you should perform the internal linking audit. The audit will help you find which areas of your site you should be promoting more.

6. Lack of properly optimized meta tags

Meta tags can be very helpful for your page as they help search engines figure out what your page is all about. Without them, your page won’t be properly indexed. They are also important for the overall optimization of your site.

This is why you should write all your meta tags, meta title, and meta description. The meta title should have around 11 words and your meta description should ideally contain between 150 to 180 characters.

Make sure you include all the focus keywords, as well as other keywords that appear throughout the content in both the meta title and description.

7. Ignoring local SEO

Recently, local SEO has become quite important – so much so, that you don’t have the luxury of ignoring it anymore. With customers using mobile devices to search for products and services, you need to optimize your local SEO.

A large percentage of mobile searches can result in in-store visits each day, it would be very beneficial for your fashion business to develop a local SEO strategy.

This implies optimizing your website for Google My Business and adding regular posts to it. Additionally, make sure that your address, name, phone numbers, and other information are all consistent across all your online pages and profiles.

The above-mentioned, improved internal linking structure can also be very beneficial for your local SEO as well. Just as performing a local SEO audit can be useful in this case.

SEO is a serious process that takes time and knowledge. As a serious fashion business, you need to have in place a good SEO strategy. If you’re doing your SEO alone, without the help of SEO professionals, make sure you avoid these 7 pitfalls.

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