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Choosing the Right Control Panel for Managed VPS Hosting

Choosing the Right Control Panel for Managed VPS Hosting

Choosing the Right Control Panel for Managed VPS Hosting

Build your profitable reseller hosting brand with maximum profitability and exposure. So choose right control panel for managed VPS hosting.

To manage your web hosting operations, you need to have a control panel like Cpanel, Plesk and others. It is the right way to manage domains, FTP accounts, and other files. Moreover, there will be a convenient GUI interface and a black screen that commands input.

As a user, you will be astonished to see different platforms that cover web hosting operations management. Reliable web hosting solutions like VPS also need control panels to manage domains, and other web projects hosted on the server. The major question is how to choose a reliable control panel for managed VPS hosting providers.

One more type of VPS hosting service is unmanaged VPS where users are handling all technical burdens of servers. Therefore, there is a debate between managed vs unmanaged VPS.

How Can I Manage The VPS Hosting Server?

Opting for a VPS hosting solution means you are getting a better option to scale your web projects. In comparison to shared hosting servers and dedicated hosting services, many users prefer VPS hosting services for higher scalability and flexibility.

If users are interested in VPS hosting plans, they will always look for an easier server management process. This is where the control panel comes into existence. With fewer code commands and a user-friendly interface, hosting users can easily manage their domains. The main thing is that is required is the command prompt knowledge. Or else, you can opt for the managed VPS hosting solution for a higher online ROI.

 What is a VPS Control Panel?

Those who are unaware of the VPS hosting control panel must understand it is just a software application. It manages a variety of technical operations. With the help of a user-friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface) managing server operations and applications is  possible.

There is a variety of features and pricing models in VPS control panels. Control panel’s licensing fees can greatly differ, so it is important to figure out a solution that best suits your particular needs.

Best VPS Control Panel Options

You might have a concern that all control panels have similar functionalities. But they are not the same. They differ in different terms of pricing and even platforms on which they are accessible. Some of the top picks for control panels are mentioned below.


Top Features

  • Higher reliability
  • Compatibility with add-ons
  • Trusted maintenance feature

Cpanel is the popular control panel accessible on the Linux operating system. It was first released in 1996. And over the years this control panel has gone through different changes and upgrades. The GUI present in it offers different automation tools and web hosting management.

It consists of the most user-friendly interface design around. Due to this web server management is possible from centralized control. The Cpanel itself holds a market share of over 93%. MilesWeb offers Cpanel VPS hosting at a competitive price.

Best VPS Control Panel Options

Here is what makes MilesWeb special than other web hosting providers.


Top Features

  • Toolkit for SEO
  • Website Repairing Kit
  • WordPress Toolkit

The next option in this list is the Plesk control panel. It is most popular for Windows VPS hosting users. Plesk includes robust website management features that add value to your website hosting operations.

Magento, Cloudflare, Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates, and many more advanced features are available in this. Due to this, it becomes a highly customizable solution to handle components.


Top Features

  • Design that is modular
  • You can use it for free
  • Features for powerful server management

A configuration tool for Linux-based servers, Webmin has been around for almost 30 years. Many server distributions, including Debian and Ubuntu, include it as part of their official packages.

The modular nature of Webmin allows web hosts to customize their environments. With this architecture, Webmin is extremely lightweight while retaining its essential functionality.

Webmin's user interface isn't very user-friendly, and new users may have difficulty adjusting. Due to this key drawback, the Webmin control panel is somewhat under-popular.

What to Look for When Looking for a VPS Control Panel?

Operating System

Control panels are not accessible on multiple operating systems. There is a requirement for a specific operating system to run applications smoothly. So, either look for Linux OS or Windows OS accessible control panels.

Licensing Fees

You have to pay different licensing fees depending on how many users you have. Even though the cost-per-user typically decreases with volume, the final bill can still be significant. Before building a large-scale system, those who need it to deploy at a large scale should closely examine all costs.

User Friendliness

A web hosting control panel comes with a unique design and layout, and many can even be customized further. Even though these may seem lucrative, make sure you are familiar enough with them to be able to handle them. Make sure your platform is simple, straightforward, and intuitive enough to ensure seamless navigation.

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