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Add-On Domain vs. Parked Domain

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Add-On Domain vs. Parked Domain

Add-On Domain vs. Parked Domain

Addon domains appear as a secondary website from your primary domain with unique content. Parked domains indicate the same website as the primary domain.

In the web hosting industry, there are different technical terminologies involved that make humans scratch their heads. If you as a user log in to your cPanel dashboard of the virtual private server hosting, you will come across terms like domains, sub-domains, and others. In this blog, we will be explaining to you some kinds of domains that are relevant in the web hosting industry.

Know All About the Domain Name

A domain name is the name of a website that is used by internet users. For instance, www .xyz. com is the complete URL and the ‘XYZ’ will be considered as a domain name. Every website is identified because of its domain name or a series of IP addresses. IP addresses are a set of numbers that are represented as Because of this IP address, the computer easily finds the website on servers and makes it live for visitors. However, for computers dealing with numbers is an easy task. This same task is not possible for humans.

We cannot memorize so many IP addresses of each website. Thus, we recall them with the help of domain names. Every website has its unique domain name. By using the domain name, visitors easily access websites. The only thing they have to do is to type the website URL and access the website. To get domains you need to register them. To make this task easier, collaborate with web hosting providers like MilesWeb. MilesWeb offers dedicated server at inexpensive price with domain registration to users.

To put it simply, a domain name consists of letters and numbers. Moreover, they are associated with TLDs (Top-Level Domains) like .in .com .net and many more. Every website owner must have their domain name and no two websites can have the same domain. Reliable web hosting providers offer a free domain with some of their web hosting plans.

Addon Domain: Decoding in Simpler Words

An addon or additional domain is a domain name that is indicated in its folder within the public_html. Addon domains appear in your browser as a secondary website from your primary domain with unique content. Before hosting addon domains, you need to register them.

Addon domains are completely functional and are easy to create with the cPanel dashboard. Creating an addon domain is similar to adding different hosting plans with the same cPanel. However, users generate email addresses, forwarders, and many more with the primary domain. Only the difference is there is no separate control panel involved in creating addon domains. It means your addon domain shares the primary cPanel domain.

Addon Domain: What Is the Requirement?

Most website owners prefer addon domains to develop multiple websites without signing up for different web hosting accounts. In this process, users take the advantage of cPanel dashboard to create different addon domains. Suppose you want to create a website that accommodates higher traffic and engagement but doesn’t want to purchase the entire hosting service for it, addon domains will help you. By choosing the addon domain feature, website users can save loads of money.

Parked Domain

In the cPanel, parked domains are also called additional domains that indicate the same website as the primary domain. But it does not contain a unique porta. Instead, it is much like an alias website that is masked forward to the primary domain of your cPanel account.

With parked domains, you will get multiple domains leading to the same site. Generally, the majority of sites are having a single domain name or a URL.

Parked Domain: Why Do You Require It?

Among many, we will be highlighting three major advantages of parked domains:

  • Ensuring minor misspellings of the primary domain name leading to your website.
  • To register various TLDs (Top-Level Domains) with different primary domains.
  • Preserving quality domains to sell them in the future.
  • Adding extra email accounts through parked domains. It helps you in forwarding messages to your primary domain.

A parked domain is a valuable digital marketing asset. It points to your social media pages like Facebook pages and YouTube channels. You can use them to generate backlinks.

Know All About the Web and Domain Hosting

Web and domain hosting might be challenging to understand for common people. But both of them are important to conduct web hosting operations. If we consider web hosting first, it means taking your website online. Web hosting requires different resources like CPU, SSD, RAM, and others. On the other hand, domain hosting is a combined phenomenon of domain registrations and web hosting.

Reliable web hosting provider’s domain registrations and web hosting services both. Such services help in showcasing your website online in front of online visitors. Thereby, visitors who are looking for relevant products and solutions can purchase them from your site.

Web hosting leverages the right technologies and resources needed to get your website online. Hosting providers have an SSD storage space in their servers. And they offer that space primarily in many web hosting services like, shared, VPS, dedicated hosting, and many more. You can also add multiple languages ​​and texts to your servers and give your business the type of online presence it needs.

For domain hosting, the service provider allows you to purchase a domain name and web hosting technology. Websites cannot be accessed if you do not have a domain name. Your domain name is the address on which your business is hosted online. The whole website then works the way you integrated it into your hosting plan.


All in all, website owners must figure out which kind of domain and web presence they are looking for. Parked domains or addon domains, which one do they want? Have the basic knowledge and implement them in different types of domains. It is better to purchase web hosting services from web hosting companies that also offer domain registration services. Get affordable services without investing additional capital in these services. It helps in boosting your online credibility and gaining more website traffic and engagement.

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