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Best Practices for your Ecommerce SEO

Best Practices for your Ecommerce SEO

E-commerce Search Engine Optimization

E-commerce search engine optimization is basically the process by which the website is made more visible to the audience on google to get traffic.

The pandemic has sent us to a point where almost every problem has a solution online. It has even replaced our daily habits with virtual solutions. Online buying and selling process was common even in pre-covid times but now the rate has gone up. You must have come across at least one episode of the reality show Shark Tank India where new-age entrepreneurs came and pitched for raising investment. Well, a large number of those new-age entrepreneurs are also selling their products online. This whole process of buying and selling online consists of e-commerce. 

But how do these entrepreneurs get their businesses visible to the people on the internet? There are millions of websites on the internet, in this stage how would a particular website beat the competition and grow their businesses? The answer is SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION (SEO). This article will provide a complete guide to aspiring entrepreneurs or anyone in the industry who is trying to grow their page on the internet.

Why do e-commerce websites need SEO?

Before moving any further let us first try to understand what Search Engine Optimisation is and why e-commerce websites need this service to grow their pages. Let’s dig deeper. 

E-commerce search engine optimization is basically the process by which the website is made more visible to the audience on google. Especially it focuses on increasing the traffic on e-commerce sites. Strapi CMS Services could be your best option. The use of SEO provides some organic results in the growth of traffic on the e-commerce website rather than using paid services. If online stores will be put up keeping in mind how the search engines work, they tend to get greater reach. It is usually a better idea than relying too much on paid advertisement and marketing through social media. And search engine optimization guarantees you effective results. 

Guide on using SEO

But what is the right way to go about it? Let’s discover in detail and through a complete guide and optimize your websites. 

A clever keyword research

  • One of the foremost ways to capture the attention of the search engine is through the usage of the right keywords that your target customers might search for. For that, you need to go through a phase of research. If you have the keywords right one of the key benefits you will have is that your website will make it to the first page of the search if you are using the right keywords. In case you fail to do that the search engine will recognize it as a page that people are not looking for, the keywords that are not in demand. Better keywords will help your website rank better. Here are a few things that you can do to have better keywords. 
  • Take inspiration from companies that have better chances to rank on the internet earlier than you. Keep a tab on what keywords they are using and analyse how they help them rank better and frame your keywords accordingly. 
  • Go for amazon keyword search. It is basically a space where you can go looking for keyword suggestions. You can type your basic keywords in the search portal and then take a note on what further suggestions it provides based on those keywords and by using those keywords you can help your page rank better.

Aspects to work on your website

A  crucial thing that helps the search engine recognise your page earlier than others is the design of the website. If your website is poorly constructed there are lower chances of it making it to the first page of the search engine. Make sure your website is easy to navigate. See that it is not like a jigsaw or everything is confusing. The more the page has a simplified look the more it will hold the attention of the audience and hence it would increase the traffic on the page. 

The second thing that matters here is how fast your website is. Does it take too much time for things to load? Is it a complex process to place orders on your website? If the answer to these questions is a yes then your page is less likely to gain traffic. Make sure you build a swift and smooth working website. 

Thirdly, with a pandemic striking almost every person has a smart phone now for their usage. Especially students who use their phones from a range of activities starting from studying to shopping, so make sure that your website is friendly to a mobile-phone user.

Finally, stress on creating content or features that are original or unique. There might be millions of websites creating content or selling similar things. But there should be something that your page does differently. If the things you are doing are copies or duplicates of other websites there is a high chance that this will be rejected by the search engine. 

Working on the perfect URLs

When you are building your website make sure the URL that leads to your website is not complex and focus on constructing simple URLs. Keep it simple and user friendly and easy to capture. To do that, one of the pro tips is not using words like ‘of’ ‘a’ ‘and’ etc called stop words in your URL. These words decrease the readability of your URL. Make a research on the keywords that help more traffic on the websites. Yes, focus on keywords even for URLs.  

Work on your product designs and descriptions

If you are in the product business take note of catchy descriptions of your product that would attract traffic. Make sure you use keywords that justify the needs of the customer in the product description. This will help the search engine notice what people have been looking for.

Similarly use images along with your products and make sure they are of good quality. Often a website with images retains the attention of the traffic for more time than others. So keep that in mind. 

You can help bring better engagement of the traffic if you are adding customer reviews on the page as well. 

Put a site-map on your website

When you are using a site map it helps the user in navigating your page better and get a quick overview of what your page has to offer. This increases the chances of a consumer buying your products as they can see their options as an overview. And the more time the audience spends on your time the better it increases the chances of it being recognised by SEO. Remember that your homepage construction is always important.


eCommerce has thrived in the last decade. It has become one of the most important parts of human life so having a good eCommerce website is a must if you are looking forward to having an online business platform. Having a good knowledge about SEO is a must and the ways it can help you are infinite!

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