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5 Tips to Earn Income from Your Blog with Amazon Associates

5 Tips to Earn Income from Your Blog with Amazon Associates

5 Tips to Earn Income from Your Blog with Amazon Associates

Learn how to use Amazon's affiliate program to make money from your blog. Get tips to attract website visitors and learn how to monetize your blog content!

Make your dream of turning your blog into an income source come true with Amazon's Affiliate Program. From creating valuable content to optimizing links and managing campaigns, Amazon's Affiliate Program is an exceptionally effective tool for anyone looking to bring in some extra money from blogging. 

In this post, we dive deep into the program itself and all it has to offer to aspiring affiliate marketers, as well as strategies to optimize your use of the program to increase revenue. 

What Is Amazon’s Affiliate Program

Amazon Affiliate Program, often known as Amazon Associates, is a program run by Amazon that allows content creators to monetize their work. Content creators with blogs, websites, social media accounts, Youtube channels, and other accounts on various platforms with significant followers can enroll as Amazon affiliates. 

They can incorporate Amazon product links into their content, which their followers or site visitors can click. Content creators can earn for the clicks and sales they get. As a result, sellers can also boost their presence and sales through affiliate marketing. Hence, this method can be an excellent complement to Amazon Sponsored Ads

The Different Types of Affiliate Links

Affiliate links are often used to promote products and services. These links can be used in a variety of ways, but the most common way is to link to a product or service that you're promoting. To conveniently add links to your blog, better install the Site Stripe Toolbar. When you have this as an extension, you can easily copy the links of the Amazon product listing you are visiting. Then, you can choose which among these three Amazon link types you can incorporate:

  1. Text links: These are the most basic links where texts are turned into hyperlinks. They are best used for blogs if you mention products within the article.
  2. Image links: You can feature the product image in the article and make it multipurpose by adding a link. When customers click on the product photo, it will lead them to the listing. 
  3. Enhanced links: This link is a mix of image and text, which works very well when you provide a summary of products you will feature in the article. You can place a list of products with enhanced links before or after the blog post, so readers can conveniently visit the listings before or after reading.
  4. Banners: Are you creating seasonal blog posts? Better use banners specially made for celebrations like Black Friday, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Year, etc.

How You’ll Earn

Knowing and understanding these different ways on how you’ll earn through the Amazon Affiliate Program can help you plan what product types to target:

  • Through clicks: Clicks and traffic you provide for the Amazon website and the listing will be compensated. Note that the rate per product category differs. 
  • Successful sale: You’ll also get a commission for every purchase made by customers after clicking the link from your blog post.
  • Subscription: Amazon offers various subscriptions for different media like the All Babies Channel, Anime Strike, Best TV Ever, Comic-Con HQ, DocComTV, Filmbox, NatureVision TV, Premo, Showtime, and more! When customers who were led to these subscription pages subscribe, you’ll also get a different commission rate.
  • Paid Memberships: A different commission rate applies when your site visitors click through a link and sign up for a membership for NBA League Pass and PGA Tour Live.

You can sign-up as an affiliate for free; all one needs to do is sign up for it, start incorporating Amazon product links into the article and begin earning. 

Customers already trust Amazon as it is the world’s largest eCommerce site and selling with Amazon FBA adds to its credibility and likability. Hence, the chance of getting clicks, sales, and earnings through the Amazon Affiliate Program is high.

Income Source

Blog As Income Source: Tips To Get It Right

Now that you’ve learned more about the Amazon Affiliate Program, you’re undoubtedly motivated to turn your blogging hobby into something that brings income. Here are the things you can do to earn successfully through your blog.

1. Create relevant content

To become a credible source of information that customers trust, the theme of your website and content should be relevant to the products you are endorsing. Consequently, decide early about your website theme or pick only the products to endorse in line with your site. It also applies if you are planning to endorse your own products to help your business grow.

2. Post quality content

You will not run out of content types to post on your websites to the most suitable blog post like the following:

  • Single and roundup reviews
  • How-tos
  • Testimonials
  • Listicles
  • A checklist
  • Different case studies
  • Advice from experts
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Beginner’s guide
  • Facts and statistics
  • Infographics

No matter what you post, ensure they are all factual, well-researched, and high quality for your visitors to be encouraged to click the affiliate links you share and buy the product you endorse. 

3. Don’t forget to insert some fun

Attract website visitors by not only sticking to serious and factual content. They’ll also be delighted to read, see, and participate in your fun-infused content like the following:

  • Personality Quizzes
  • A day in a life post
  • Some parody
  • A survey
  • Contest posts
  • Humorous videos and images
  • Events/Holidays/Seasons-related posts
  • Piggybacking on trending topics

The sky's the limit with the fun and funniest posts. Just ensure it is still relevant to your website and the products you promote.

4. Optimize for the algorithm

After planning what content to post, have a game plan on how you’ll reach your target audience and appear on the first page of the search result through search engine optimization(SEO).

SEO begins with keyword research and competitor keyword analysis, which you can do using keyword research tools like Keyword Tool, WordStream, Wordtracker, Semrush, Moz, and more. Strategize which keywords you will include in your content to rank.

5. Reach out through guest posts

You can also collaborate with other websites to widen your reach by posting your articles on their site. These articles are called guest posts. You may not directly be putting the affiliate links on the articles you are posting, as most websites discourage this. Yet, you can increase your traffic, especially if you post articles on trusted websites with high traffic.

In Closing

Amazon's Affiliate Program is a great opportunity for many bloggers like you who want to make your content an income source. Creating relevant, quality content optimized for SEO should be your foundation—but don’t forget to insert some fun and personality too! Readers will connect with your content if they see themselves reflected in it. From there, guest posting can help increase traffic and reach new audiences. So quit the wait. Ready, set, blog!

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