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Top 10 Tips to Hire Great Remote WordPress Developers

Top 10 Tips to Hire Great Remote WordPress Developers

Tips for Hiring Remote Developers

Want to know, how and where to hire great remote WordPress developers? This article will help you to learn and Hire certified freelance developers.

One of the most important parts of business development is a well-designed website. Don’t sweat if you don’t have the necessary web development skills needed to build your own website. There are WordPress developers that do nothing but design and build high powered websites.

Want to know, how and where to hire great remote WordPress developers? This article will aim to answer just that.

Quick Note - If you are interested in becoming a WordPress developer, check out this online resource for coding bootcamps. You can find some great online web development programs.

Know Your Budget

There is a lot that can go into building a website, but with added features comes added cost. Make sure you know exactly how much you want to spend before you begin your search for a WordPress developer.

You will want to know what your must-haves are, as well as which services you would like to have but can live without. Freelance WordPress developers set their own rates. By knowing how much you are willing to spend you will be able to hire dedicated WordPress developer who can build you the website you need within your budget.

Ask for References or Referrals

The best way to get WordPress developers is through their portfolios. Different developers will have different creative styles. Their portfolio will speak to this.

Some developers may have found a niche industry for which they have created several websites for different clients. You might just find a developer that has built websites for business that provide products and services similar to yours.

Ask your network for referrals before you begin your search. A portfolio will showcase a developer's work, but it can’t speak to how they communicate, and how likely they are to make a deadline.

An industry colleague might be able to refer you to a developer who delivers high-quality work, on time, and responds to messages quickly.

Be Clear About What You Want

It's a website. They are building it just for you. Make sure to be crystal clear with the developer you hire about what you want.

  • Clearly communicate what features, colors, images, etc you want on your website.
  • Ask the developer to relay this information back to you.


Codeable is a matchmaking service that pairs clients and WordPress developers. Kind of like Match.com but for WordPress developers.

The developers on Codeable are vetted through their portfolio with Codebale staff personally reviewing each portfolio.

Not every developer makes the cut, so you can rest assured that any developers they recommend are top notch.


Hiring a WordPress developer from the #1 ranked freelancer website is a safe bet. UpWork Job postings for common services like writing and WordPress development tend to get a lot of activity.

You can ask freelancers to include an example with their job proposals.

UpWork charges a fair commission fee of 1 percent of all payments made through the platform.


Similar to UpWork - Fiverr provides a community of a wide range of Freelancers.

Both the freelancer and the platform fees tend to be a little cheaper than UpWork. This means that it is an excellent place to hire a WordPress developer on a budget.


Toptal showcases only the best remote talent. Hiring a WordPress developer off their platform is sure to guarantee two things.

First, you will get top notch talent that has been vetted through a rigorous selection process. Many of these developers have learned their skills through accredited web design bootcamps. Only expert developers are allowed on the platform.

Second, you will pay extra for that expert developer. You might want to try another site if your budget is slim.


WPhired is a WordPress specific job board that is popular among WordPress companies.

If you are looking for a large community of WordPress developers, then WPhired is a good option.

You can list your job posting for free, with the option to pay for featured job postings.

WordPress Jobs

WordPress jobs are the official freelance job board of WordPress.org. The site is neatly organized with job postings being sorted by categories.

Don’t Sign Off Until It’s Complete

Whether you agree to pay upfront or on delivery, make sure you don’t sign off until the website it’s complete.

Make a punch list of any changes you want to see and provide honest and actionable feedback to the developer. These might be quick changes for a professional WordPress developer, but they could be challenging for you, especially if you don’t have web development experience.

Make sure your website is exactly how you want it before you sign off on the deliverable.

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