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Check Before Publishing New Post

Check Before Publishing New Post

Check Before Publishing New Post

Blogging is a platform to inform others about your idea on any subject such as web development. So you should 10 things check before publishing new post or idea

Blogging is a platform to inform others about your idea on any subject such as web development, make money online, graphic design, search engine optimization, etc. which you know best. Your information or idea may be helpful for others. As a blogger, I want to share my own idea too much visitor but if I fail to share with many people or visitor my goal will be failed. So you should 10 things check before publishing a new post or idea. It will help you to get more and more visitors for sharing your idea. One way to make the most of your blogging efforts is to consistently apply your SEO skills along with consistently tagging and categorizing each new blog post.

Here I have tried to present the necessary 10 tasks before publishing a blog post. If you publish a new post by following the below 10 tasks, you will able to share your idea with many visitors from your previous blog posts.

Useful 10 tasks before publishing a new post

Before you publish your next blog post make sure you have complete the below task

1. Completed your SEO keyword research:

The keyword is a word or phrase which is used to search in search engine. Each new blog post contains keywords. Before publishing a new blog post you should use some useful keywords which will help to get more reader via the search engine. If you asked me where you get the popular keywords or key phrase, I will suggest you use the Google keyword suggestion tool

2. Edited your default permalink:

Permalink is an important factor in one page SEO. Your page’s or post’s “permalink” is another way to say the direct URL for that page or post. Website platforms like WordPress allow you to change your permalink to whatever you want. Meaning, you can write a more catchy headline (post title) for your post, while creating something much more SEO friendly permalink.

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3.Check your title tag and meta description:

At 1st point, I have told you to research SEO keywords. Your selected keywords must be placed within the title tag, permalink, content and Meta description. It will more effective if you use an h2 tag by the collected keyword. Try to use your keyword or key phrase in the first paragraph of your post content. Your title tag and Meta description, plus your permalink, are what show up in Google search results. Keep in mind that while title tags are most often phrases limited to 60 characters and Meta descriptions are written in the sentence for 150 characters.

4. Use Internal and External Link with post

Try to use some internal links before publishing the post. These internal links will keep your visitors longer, increase page views and share page rank with other pages. You may use external links as references. If you see carefully many high PR websites are using external links.

5. Re-read your post and check post keywords

Re-read your post before publishing and check you have used related keywords of your main keyword. You can use 6 keywords under par 100 words. If you use more than 6 keywords under 100 words, your post will be under blackhat SEO. Google doesn’t like blackhat SEO enable site. So you should avoid blackhat SEO.

6. Marked your categories and tags

Before publishing the post make sure you have selected perfect categories and tags. Select or create some new tags related to your post. These tags will be a link to your post and will be placed within the header Meta keywords section. And Google likes to read Meta keywords and Meta descriptions.

7. Added ALT tags of images

The current search engines unable to read images but it can read alt tags of the image. So you should use alt tags with every image of your post. I will suggest you for checking images alt tags and use your targeted keyword phrase as alt tags before publishing new posts.

8. Scheduled your post to publish

Try to publish posts regularly. If you have no time to publish new posts every day, try to publish weekly. A regular blog post publishing schedule is ideal just like your favorite newspaper and programs. If your post is helpful for visitors, they will connect with you for the next post. When you stop publishing new post they will forget you and your blog. So you should publish a new post based on the schedule.

9. Make sure your post is unique

Before publishing the new blog post make sure you post content is unique. Duplicate content doesn’t help to increase new visitors and effective for search engines. Unique content will help to increase new visitors via Search Engines.

10. Highlight some keywords of the post

Try to highlight some keywords or keypress of your post. Search engine like bold, italic, underline words. This highlighted keywords will get more important from other words. So you should make some keywords bold, italic, bold and italic, etc.

At the end of this article, I can say that Working through all 10 points on the checklist means you can feel confident in each and every blog post you publish. Thank you for reading this article. It may be helpful to you and your blogs.

Sazzad Opu

Authored By Sazzad Opu

I am Sazzad Opu, a knowledgeable and qualified blogger. Here you can see my skills which give you brief ideas on understanding all the concepts with different themes. I adore writing a blog on many topics, like Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing, Social Media marketing, How to Blog, etc.

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