Bulk 301 Redirect Generator

Bulk 301 Redirect Generator

Enter the old URLs in left column and new URLs in right column one by one which will be redirected to the new address. These should be matched 1 to 1st. After doing the task click on Generate button and finally copy the generated code in your .htaccess file.

Old URLs
New URLs

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Turbo Bulk 301 Redirect Generator

htaccess 301 redirect generator is a free online tool to create bulk 301 redirect htaccess code for automatically redirect new URL to old URL permanently To know more about Bulk 301 Redirect Generator read the full article.

htaccess 301 redirect generator is a free online tool to create 301 permanent redirect htaccess code. It helps to redirect old URL to new URL or redirect old domain to the new domain via .htaccess.

Why use .htaccess redirect generator?

There are many reasons for using 301 redirect generator tool to redirect old URL to new URL using htaccess. If you want to change your domain name, You have to use our .htaccess redirect code generator tool to redirect your old site's visitors to the new site.

If you are a new user or don't know about search engine optimization, You will be able to optimize your website SEO friendly without any SEO knowledge. So I recommended to use a one-click website SEO analysis tool and check your website SEO score. This tool will find out your website SEO mistakes and provide suggestion to solve the problems. 301 redirector www to non-www redirect is one of them. If it shows an error using this tool to generate .htaccess redirect code and place it in your server .htaccess file.

htaccess 301 redirect generator

How to use htaccess 301 redirect generator?

Our Bulk .htaccess redirects generator is well known for redirect www to non-www htaccess or any other .htaccess redirect. Just add your old URL in old URL field and new URL in new URL field then press on combine press button.

Copy the generated codes in your server .htaccess file.

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