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Bulk 301 Redirect Generator

Enter the old URLs in the left column and the new URLs in the right column one by one. After doing the task click on the Generate button and finally copy the generated code in your .htaccess file.

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New URLs

.htaccess Code

Turbo 301 Redirect Code Generator

Bulk 301 Redirect Generator is a free online URL Redirect Generator tool for automatically redirect new URLs to old URLs permanently for SEO. To know more about 301 Redirect Code Generator read the full article.

Bulk 301 redirect generator or redirect link generator is a free online tool to create 301 permanent redirect htaccess code. It helps to redirect the old URL to a new URL or redirect the old domain to the new domain via htaccess file.

But before using our 301 redirect tool, You should know details about 301 redirects.

If you already know about 301 Redirects, You're welcome. Just use our bulk htaccess redirect generator tool and set up 301 URL redirect for your website.

What is 301 Redirect Link?

301 redirect is a permanent redirect that moves a page permanently to a new location with full ranking power.

So, It helps to move your Domain Authority and Page Authority to your new domain. 

Suppose, you want to move your website to a new domain or you have changed the page URL of your website. If the Google crawler or someone hits your deleted link they won’t find the link which will decrease your website Goodwill. In this case, the 301 redirect code will send the Google Crawler and your visitors to your new domain and URLs. So, It does not affect your domain authority.

What is htaccess File

htaccess file is a powerful website file. It controls your website’s high-level configuration. Htaccess file name starts with a dot (.)

As a web developer or blogger you have to follow htaccess rewrite rules to run your website perfectly and SEO friendly.

There are many uses of the htaccess file but in this article, we only learn about apache htaccess redirect.

Where can I find the htaccess file?

In the public_html directory of your Cpanel, you will find the htaccess file. Mainly it is a hidden file. So, If you don’t see the file, You have to enable show hidden files features from your Cpanel settings. To show hidden files follow the below instructions:

  1. Click “Settings” in the top right of the file manager.
  2. Checkmark on Show Hidden Files (dotfiles) box.
  3. Finally, click on the Save button.

How to Show Hidden Files Cpanel

What is htaccess redirect generator?

htaccess URL redirect generator is a free online tool. It helps to generate redirect codes following htaccess rewrite rules.

There are many HTTP redirect codes such as:

  • 301: Permanent HTTP/1.0 redirect
  • 302: Temporary HTTP/1.0 redirect
  • 303: Temporary HTTP/1.1 redirect
  • 307: Temporary HTTP/1.1 redirect

But our bulk htaccess URL redirect generator helps to generate 301 permanent redirect htaccess code.

301 redirect example:

RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} (googlebot-mobile|adsbot-google-mobile|android|iphone|blackberry|ipad|opera|palm|nokia|symbian|netfront) [NC]
RewriteRule ^prowebsitebuilder.net turboseotools.com

Why use htaccess 301 redirect generator?

There are many reasons for using the htaccess 301 redirect generator tool to redirect old URL to new URL using htaccess. If you want to change your domain name, You have to use our Htaccess redirect regex generator tool to redirect your old site's visitors to the new site.

If you are a new user or don't know about search engine optimization, You will be able to optimize your website SEO friendly without any SEO knowledge. So I recommended using a one-click website SEO analysis tool and check your website SEO score. This tool will find out your website's SEO mistakes and provide suggestions to solve the problems. 301 redirect www to non-www redirect is one of them. If it shows an error using this tool generates an htaccess redirect code and place it in your server htaccess file.

htaccess 301 redirect generator

How to Create 301 redirect URL using htaccess 301 Redirect Generator?

Our Bulk htaccess redirects generator is well known for redirecting www to non-www or any old URL to new URLs or any other htaccess redirect.

Follow the below steps to generate your 301 redirect htaccess code

Step-1: Enter your old URLs in the old URL box.

Step-2: Enter your new URLs in the new URL box.

Step-3: Make sure you enter all URLs line by line and Click on the Generate button.

301 Redirect Generator

Step-4: After generating, copy the generated codes in your server’s htaccess file.


First, thanks for using our 301 redirect htaccess generator tool. I hope it will be helpful for redirecting your old domain urs to a new domain. If you have any questions about the turbo online 301 URL redirect generator, You can contact us.