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​​​​​​​How to make use of YouTube SEO to rank better?

​​​​​​​How to make use of YouTube SEO to rank better?

Use of YouTube SEO Tools to rank better

We listed 7 YouTube SEO tools that you can leverage to grow your YouTube, drive traffic, generate revenue, and make your ideas into business.

With a growing demand for video marketing and a preference for videos over any other form of content, YouTube is one of the best social media platforms to market your business. Digital marketers have been actively using various SEO tools to boost their video visibility. 

According to Statista, YouTube is the second most popular social media platform and currently has more than 2.6 billion users throughout the world. 

With so many videos on a wide variety of topics, the competition is high. How will another video make a difference and gather views? In order to gather more views, you need to appear on top. You can do this by making use of Youtube SEO. 

How does Youtube SEO work? 

In order to better place a website in search results, a variety of tactics in SEO are employed. In a similar vein, users are able to easily find the channels and videos that they are looking for on YouTube, thanks to its search functionality. 

YouTube SEO is a strategy for optimizing YouTube channels and videos in order to increase their visibility in search results. With Google as the parent organization since 2006, YouTube also goes with the motive "to offer the best search experience to the user."

Complex algorithms are at work when it comes to YouTube video rankings. As stated by YouTube, a lot of criteria go into how videos are ranked, including how closely the video content matches the query entered by the viewer. In addition, we take a look at the most popular videos for a certain search term and make it easier for viewers to find them.

High engagement is a critical component of successful video SEO. In YouTube Analytics, engagement can be assessed in a variety of ways, including likes, dislikes, comments, CTR, audience retention, average view time, etc. 

Why use YouTube SEO tools?

Today, every business's digital marketing strategy must not miss out on video marketing, which is only likely to grow further. Enhancing video rankings and increasing video viewing on YouTube channels are therefore important. 

Having a YouTube channel and growing on the platform is a long-term process, and it is important to utilize SEO strategies from the start. Leveraging SEO tools to grow can be very useful in driving organic traffic to your YouTube channel or videos. 

YouTube SEO software optimizes channels, playlists, descriptions, videos, and other metadata for businesses instead of just focusing on backlinks, domains, and other SEO characteristics like those found in Google's search algorithm. This is why it's even more critical to use top YouTube SEO tools, whether the tools are free or paid. 

For as long as your YouTube videos remain on the top of search results, you will continue to see an increase in traffic, conversions, and ad revenue. So, if you are looking for more growth, it is a wise decision to invest in SEO tools. 

What YouTube SEO tools can you use? 

Here are some of the SEO tools you can use to grow your youtube channel.

Google Trend

Google Trends can help you see if there is an increase or decrease in search interest in your chosen topic. Video-related trends and opportunities can be seen by clicking on "YouTube Search." 

It is a free and reliable tool that marketers widely use to understand audience behavior and interests. You can use it to look at data made available in one place and see what's trending on Google and YouTube.

When you find a topic that has high search traffic but low-quality videos, you can make well-researched and content-rich videos that will help you rank your video higher on YouTube. 


You can use 'TagsYouTube' to generate tags based on keywords. In order to acquire a list of tags relating to your target keyword, you may select the ones you like and then add them to the final list of tags. 

Advanced Title, Description, Thumbnail Generator, and practical advice on how to effectively optimize your YouTube videos are also offered through TagsYouTube. 

YouTube Analytics

Your channel dashboard, a native YouTube tool, gives you an overview of your channel's activities. This application provides real-time reports, view counts, like/dislike ratios, and demographic information for your channel and video.

In order to get the most out of YouTube Analytics, be sure to look into all three categories, which are revenue, watch time, and engagement. Real-time and Overview sections are also included to round out these categories.


Using VidIQ, you can discover what makes particular YouTube videos so popular and learn what you can do to improve your own content. With vidIQ, you can compare up to four channels at once for free, getting detailed information on your own channel, your videos, and your main competitors. 

Your marketing plan can be improved as a result of the data made available using this extension tool. It is a handy tool that also helps keep an eye on the competition and share videos on all your social media accounts at once.


TubeBuddy is a free browser extension that helps manage your YouTube channel easier. It has many in-built tools integrated into YouTube's interface so that you don't have to switch between your channel and additional tools to view the data you require.

In order to improve titles, descriptions, tags, annotations, and cards, TubeBuddy follows the YouTube video best practices. It also identifies changes and delivers marketing alerts when a YouTube user mentions you. It provides information on keywords, video metadata, video rank, and A/B testing to assist you in managing your channel.


Cyfe is a huge software suite that includes a web analytics platform, among other things. Analyzing your traffic with Cyfe also gives you insight into your website's keyword rankings and the most popular search terms. Moreover, by using Cyfe, you will be able to identify where your traffic is coming from and other relevant data.


Thumbnails are one of the most important parts of a video when it comes to social media. A good thumbnail can help in making the audience click on your video. A design tool that makes it easier to make thumbnails, even for non-designers, is Canva.

Using Canva's Thumbnail Creator, you can generate the perfect thumbnail image for your video in the desired YouTube dimensions. Additionally, it is an excellent tool because it has many free stock images, backgrounds, inscriptions, shapes, and illustrations to choose from.


FlexClip is a great tool for beginner YouTube creators since it offers basic but essential video editing features to make engaging YouTube videos. The drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to learn and simple to use. Plus, it comes with plenty of video templates and media resources such as animated elements, title designs, background tracks, stock music, transitions, etc.

To get more followers, you need to craft an eye-catching video intro to lead your video and introduce what it is all about. You can easily make a stunning intro for your channel with FlexClip's free intro maker.

Wrapping up 

YouTube is rapidly growing and can be one of the most important future platforms for marketing and business. This is possible, especially as video marketing is skyrocketing. 

With high competition, effective YouTube SEO can help you stand out. Your video must be of the highest quality and address a problem your target audience is experiencing, but you also need to make sure it's optimized for search engines and encourage viewers to share or subscribe once they've watched it.

In order to get your video in front of the proper audience, you need to effectively take into consideration each factor that can help you grow. This is easier said than done, and that is where SEO tools come in handy. 

This blog listed 7 YouTube SEO tools that you can leverage to grow your YouTube, drive more traffic, generate revenue, and make the most of your ideas and business. Make sure you use these tools to make your video and YouTube channel visible to more audiences.

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