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SEO for Startups in Under 10 Minutes

Hi, I'm Mailed Ohio. I'm a developer programs tech lead at Google. I've been at Google since 2005 working with our search and our webmaster tools teams. But if I were consultant for your startup, here's all the advice I would give in under 10 minutes. This talk is aimed for companies who have their main content below about 50 pages. For those sites that are looking to rank for thousands of unrelated keywords, like an ecommerce site or a news agency, you might want to invest more time...
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How to Rank High In Google 2017?

Hello guys how are you? This Seo tutorial is for beginners. After followig this video SEO guide you get the below questions. What Is SEO? Why Should Use SEO? What Is a Keyword? How to Rank High On Google? I think you have finished the video carefully now...
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