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Title Capitalization Tool - Change Lowercase to Uppercase

Change Text Case is a handy web tool that enables you to change the text case of any given text. Simply copy and paste the text into the text area below and click the required Camel, Upper and Lower text case.

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Turbo Title Case Converter

The title capitalization tool is the best Case Converter for changing Upper case to lower case and lower case to Upper case. Use and save your time. To know more about Title Case Converter read the full article.

What is a Case Converter?

Case converter or changer is a tool or software which helps to change content or article to UPPER, lower and Title Case. Using this tool or software anyone in the world can save valuable time doing this boring work.

There are many Title Capitalization Tool in this digital world to complete your regular task. Some tools are desktop based and some are online base. Which tool you will use depends on you. Personally, I recommended to my users to use the online Case Converter tool because it doesn't need to install on our PC and it is useable from anywhere using a web browser.

Why Use Turbo Title Capitalization Tool?

We develop this title capitalization converter with love to manage our blog post. It helps to change the case of a text from Upper case to lower case, Lower case to upper case, title case etc.

It is also very easy to use. You can change your content title or content case by copy and paste the desired text in the toolbox and click on your target case buttons. All text will be changed to the required format/case.

Many bloggers edit content in browsers. This makes it very useful for them to easily execute conversions in another browser tab.

Case Example

What is a Title Case / Camel Case?

Camel case is also called a title case. It is often used for page headers. It is popular to highlight a certain text. To convert text to a Camel case, we need to convert the first letter of each word into uppercase text. This utility is not very common in text editors. The following example shows an example of regular camel text conversion.

Original text: a quick brown fox jumped over a lazy frog.

Camel text: A Quick Brown Fox Jumped Over A Lazy Frog

What are uppercase?

Uppercase letters are also called uppercase. It is the format in which all the letters are written in capital letters. It is customary to mark certain text with capital letters.

Original text: a quick brown fox jumped over a lazy frog.


What is Lowercase?

Lowercase letters are also called lowercase letters. It is the most common format in English literature. Most of the letters in English are written in lowercase.

Small letter: a quick brown fox jumped over a lazy frog


How to use Case Converter?

It is very easy to use. Just follow our step by step guidelines to 

  • Change Lowercase to Uppercase
  • Change Your Text Uppercase to Lowercase
  • Change lower case to title case

Title Capitalization Tool

STEP-1: Enter or paste your text into the toolbox.

STEP-2: Click on your target button like Title CaseUPPER CASE or  lower case

Lowercase to Uppercase Result

Change Lowercase to Uppercase

Final Word

I hope you have understood about our Turbo Title Capitalization Tool which will be the best choice to change Lowercase to Uppercase