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Why Every Business Owner Deserves to Have a Business Coach

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Why Every Business Owner Deserves to Have a Business Coach

Why Every Business Owner Deserves to Have a Business Coach

I want to draw a few parallels between coaching in personal training and coaching in business. It helps train you to do it for yourself.

So very often when I meet business owners for the first time they often ask me well what is this coaching thing or well I know it all I don't need coaching. So I want to draw a few parallels between coaching in personal training and coaching in business.

Let's take personal trainers. If I say to you “people with a personal trainer”, what images that conjure up? See for quite a lot of people, a personal trainer is quite an exclusive thing to have. A personal trainer you've got to have money, you've got to be highly successful, you've got to be fairly fit, driven and know what you want. 

Well, how is that any different to you as a business owner? Very often people get confused between coaching and consulting so let me help you draw the line here a consultant comes into your business and does the work for you. A coach will teach you, mentor you, help train you to do it for yourself. 

Now you're thinking “Well, why am I paying you not to do it for me?”. Great question! Let me clarify that for you. So, imagine going to the gym and they say “Hello Frank, how are you doing? Take a seat, today we are going to be lifting dumbbells. We're going to be doing 30 kg dumbbells and we're going to be doing whatever dumbbell curls or whatever. 

However, I'll tell you what we're going to do - you have a seat, Frank. Help yourself to a drink, and sit back and relax. I am going to pick up the dumbbells for you. So I'm going to do the 30 reps for you - how would that work? Would you ever get fitter as a person? Absolutely not. Would you be paying their personal trainer to get fitter? Absolutely. 

Honestly, I’ve seen more consultants come into the business, and it doesn't work, because they do all the work, and the business owner doesn't. They make all the changes and as soon as the consultants have finally left, guess what? 

Over a period of time that business always reverts back to the single lowest common denominator, which very often is the leadership in the business, which is you. 

So, when offering business coaching Perth, it's all about you learning is about getting the best out of you and developing you. If you don't go and develop, you will be the person holding back the business. I can imagine that a lot of you are saying “Ah that's me”; absolutely, now you need to do something about it.

You may be thinking is a coach right for me? Can I afford one? Is it the right time? Well absolutely, coaches are there for everybody - even the most successful people out there.

Were you aware that Steve Jobs had a coach? Larry Ellison's got a coach? All of the successful people out, they've got a coach and you know what? In the beginning, they started just like you - need to decide what is the right coach for you. 

Is it a coach that's going to give you confidence, or is it a coach that's going to help educate you? For a lot of people, they need an accountability coach. As a business owner, you're very much at the top of the food chain. 

You are your own boss and you answer to nobody. When you're working in a large business, you've always got somebody pushing you - when you have got your own business, it's you relying on yourself. 

Now some people have an extreme amount of self-discipline and they can push themselves. I hate to break it to you, however, the majority do not tend to push them and are working on the areas of the business they know they must focus on. 

They have just been too ill disciplined and proactively avoiding thinking about it. How often do you see people in the gym and they just work their upper body because they want to look good in a suit? Do they want to look good on the beach? I would look at a picture and they think that by having sort of big chest and big arms that's a brilliant look. 

Which it is, providing you also do your legs, and you also do in the lunges and leg weights so there everything's in proportion. Imagine they have a really nice upper body, but really skinny chicken legs - what a horrible look! 

That's how most people prove their businesses they will build their business working on the areas that they're really strong at. The areas that they enjoy, and the areas that they don't quite enjoy - like managing team conflict - they proactively avoid. 

They need an accountability coach. You've got to work on it all, if you're a business owner. If you can relate to what I've covered in this article, please go find yourself a talented business coach. Remember the old saying - failing to learn is learning to fail.


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