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5 Summarizing Tools to Write a Description for Your Blog Post!

5 Summarizing Tools to Write a Description for Your Blog Post!

How to Write a Description for your Blog Post!

Hey, if you are going through a hard patch and putting your effort into your blog not getting a high rank in SERP.

And you have tried your best to find out what’s exactly going bad with blog post SEO.

Then, this is really not a big deal to worry about!

It happens with almost everybody. You are not the single one who is facing this issue.

In fact, I have gone through this as well and now it is your turn to deal with it. Until or unless you keep in mind the key aspect of SEO.

If you think Blog Post Description is not important then you are really not familiar with its real importance.

Whenever a person tries to search about your brand or product in the SERP, the very first thing the person will get about your product is your description.

The description comes to the very next to your title, and this contains an extremely great mark on make your blog rank high.

This simply means the next person makes their mind to read or to skip your blog after checking your description. 

The Blog or the Post description is such a small piece of writing which comes under your link in SERP and on random social networking sites.

So, we have basically two different types of descriptions.

The first is Blog Description and the second one is Blog Post Description. There is a bit of difference between these two.

Let’s put an eye and check what these two are exactly:

1. Blog Description: This kind of description is all about your complete blog and this is mentioned below your Blog’s Homepage Link.

2. Blog Post Description: This kind of description is majorly for your one specific and that is obviously changed for each and every blog post.

A frequent question comes at this point, what are those effective and simplest ways by which you can write a perfect Description for your Blog Post?

If you will use modest and effective ways to write a perfect description of your blog post, then you will get high traffic on your blog.

And as a result of this, your blog will hit the top SERP list.

Here are some of the guidelines which can assist you in writing the best description for your blog:

  1. Do not cross the limit of 160 characters. The reason to it, Google displays only 160 characters of blog descriptions in SERP.
  2. You have to use the best and focused keywords in your description. But try not to use one keyword two times.
  3. You need to write something appealing which surely creates a curiosity for your readers. This directly refers to that reader to click on your blog and get the explanation.
  4. You always need to add something in your description which puts glitter on your brand authority.

What are Summarizing Tools?

Let’s assume you are running out of time and you have few days or some hours to go through long texts, assignments, or even random reports on any project.

So, you must have to know about Summarizing Tools.

These kinds of tools will surely help you to summarize a specific chunk of any text.

The use of these tools will generate a short form of the whole content without losing its genuine information.

And you will get very short, to-the-point phrases and the exact theme of the complete data.

Here is a list of Summarizing Tools, which are used too much:

1. Summarizing Tool:

Summarizing Tool

This Summarizing Tool always provides you the best path to summarize your data even if it is related to your personal or professional life.

This tool is created using modern technology which is AI technology. The plus factor about this tool is, it keeps the content in its original meaning.

It carries a bundle of unique features which are as under:

  1. Free to use
  2. Unlimited text summarization
  3. AI summarizer
  4. Upload or paste the content

2. Summarizer:

summarizer tool free online

As it is clear by the name of this tool deeply understands the main theme of the content.

When it creates the summary of any of the content, it still remains in its real form, and it does not lose the main idea.

The positive feature of this tool is, it changes the long text paragraphs into concise sentences.

Some of the advantages of this tool are mentioned here:

  1. Set summarization length
  2. Display in bullets
  3. Focus on best lines
  4. Keeping secure article original meaning
  5. Complete safety
  6. General understanding

3. UniPapers:

unipapers review

If you think to make a summary of your paper or of your essay, it sounds easy. But in reality, it is very hard to do.

On this note, this summarizer tool will completely have a look at your given document or paper, will scan it.

And in return, recommends the simple and important sentences which clearly contain the main idea.

4. Scholarcy:

scholarcy research paper summarizer

This is an article summarizing tool, which will thoroughly scan your writing, article, research papers a few times.

It quickly assesses and gives you the findings, main idea, factual data which overall carry the major chunk of the whole content.

This tool also facilitates the option of skimming and highlights the important points.

5. IntelliPPT:

pdf summarizing tool

This tool allows you to change your data in summarized text form, PDF/DOCX, and PPT.

It can present your data in slides form with the important and main points.

This tool also has the ability to summarize the data into bullets. And it keeps the quality of the content in its real form.

Final Finding:

These are very basic but really useful tools which provide the best summary of your content.

If you want to know about an article, then these tools will help you to get the short form of that data with the right meanings, themes, and main ideas.

And you will be able to get the authentic summary of all the lengthy texts.

Well Wishes!

Masum Billah

Authored By Masum Billah

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