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7 Best Math Software to Solve Math Problems Quickly

7 Best Math Software to Solve Math Problems Quickly

Best Math Software to Solve Math Problems

Discover the top 7 math software for quick solutions! Boost your problem-solving with the best math tools – Make math easy & fast!

Struggling with tricky math assignments and complex calculations? Let specialized math software take the cognitive load off. Equipped with intuitive interfaces and powerful computation tools, these digital math solvers will level up your problem-solving potential in a flash.

This guide outlines the 7 best online and desktop-based math software picks tailored for high school and college curriculums. Leverage technology to save efforts and submit accurate math homework faster.

Essential Software Criteria

Before exploring the software options, let’s examine desirable criteria in math solvers:

  • Step-by-Step Handworking
  • Graphing Capabilities
  • Formula Reference Tables
  • Auto LaTeX Equation Typing
  • Solution Manual Integration
  • Multi-Format Exports

Advanced programs meeting these requirements can instantly supercharge your math productivity.

1. GeoGebra

Leading the pack is the popular geometry and algebra visualization tool GeoGebra. As a multi-functional math solver, its graphing, geometry and 3D capabilities make concepts intuitively visual.

Key Features

  • Interactive Graphs
  • Geometry Constructions
  • Powerful Calculators
  • Algebra and Calculus Tools
  • Collaborative Sharing
  • Available on iOS, Windows, Chrome, Android

GeoGebra ticks all boxes for powerful math software that makes excelling in math almost fun through interactive visualizations!

2. UnitCircleChart.Com

The award-winning Mathway comes fully loaded with advanced computation across fundamental and advanced math topics.

For tips on effectively grasping the Trigonometry Unit Circle to deeply understand trigonometric concepts. Mastering the unit circle is pivotal before applying trigonometry problem solving concepts.

Why Choose Unit Circle Chart Site?

  • Step-by-Step Solving
  • Formula Database
  • Math Trigonometry Dictionary
  • Handwriting Recognition
  • Voice and Text Capabilities
  • Syncs Seamlessly Across Devices

An invaluable tool for pinpointing gaps in understanding through simple steps working while reliably obtaining correct solutions for Trigonometry Sin Cos Tan functions.

3. Microsoft Math Solver

The Microsoft Math Solver's seamless integration across MS Office products gives it an edge for academic assignments and documentation.

Top Features

  • Available Across MS Products
  • Solves Handwritten Steps
  • Reads Problems From Images
  • Generates Step-by-Step Working
  • Formula Reference Sheet
  • Handy Academic Shortcuts

Harness the full power of Office 365 ecosystem with the Microsoft Math companion for achieving top grades with minimum effort!

4. Photomath

The wildly popular Photomath mobile app works magically by solving handwritten or printed math problems photographed through phone cameras!

Why Choose Photomath?

  • Recognizes Handwritten Input
  • Scans Textbook/Paper Problems
  • Guides Through Each Step
  • All Solutions Verified for Accuracy
  • Additional Test Prep Assistance

Conquer the trickiest homework and last-minute exam prep through Photomath's ingenious camera-based math assistance.

5. WolframAlpha

Boasting of the world's best computation knowledge engine, WolframAlpha can compute highly complex mathematical queries beyond textbook questions.

Why Students Love WolframAlpha

  • Computes Step-by-Step Solutions
  • Manipulates Complex Visualizations
  • Stats, Physics, Chemistry Assistance
  • Historical References
  • Code Translation Services
  • Available Through Website, App and API Access

From advanced calculus to discrete mathematics, let WolframAlpha's artificial brain tackle the hardest concepts with ease through intelligent working.

6. Symbolab

Symbolab differentiates itself through proprietary handwriting recognition and detailed solution descriptions making self-learning intuitive.

Notable Symbolab Features

  • Handwrites Responses Like a Tutor
  • Granular Step-by-Step Working
  • Graphing and Geometry Tools
  • Formula and Concept Database
  • Solves Symbols, Equations, Visuals
  • Adaptive Recommendations Engine

Its conversational style bridging gaps in understanding establishes Symbolab as a math tutor on-the-go!

7. Desmos Graphing Calculator

The Desmos browser-based graphing calculator focuses specifically on powerful visualization capabilities making it a top choice for graphing intensive subjects.

Why is Desmos Excellent for Graphing?

  • Flexible Multi-Function Graphing
  • Adjustable Graph Customization
  • Intuitive Visual Manipulations
  • Graph sharing and Embedding
  • Classroom Collaboration Tools
  • Available on Website, iOS and Android

Plot intricate graphs and analyze visually through Desmos' elegant online interface across devices to gain immersive understandings beyond rote graph plotting.


This compilation of 7 best math software provides you access to enhanced math cognition literally at your fingertips! Blend appropriate digital math tools into your workflow to fix comprehension gaps through step-by-step analysis, boost speed and accuracy in problem sets and unlock growth opportunities.

Productively collaborate with these math geniuses to go from struggling with theory to excelling in practice through tech-charged math learning!


How do you select the right software from so many options?

Evaluate your specific conceptual gaps and target applications to choose software with matching specialization strengths. For example, Wolfram is perfect for physics calculations compared to Photomath better for exam preparation through textbook problem assistant.

Can you become over-reliant on math software instead of developing core skills?

Yes, it is important not to treat math software as an alternative to foundational conceptual building which requires mental labor. Strike the right balance by limiting usage to verify hand calculations and obtain step-by-step analysis rather than reflexively outsourcing every arithmetic operation. Moderation optimizes true learning.

How can teachers monitor appropriate usage of math software for assignments?

Online tools provide complete activity logs and analytics. Teachers can strategically incorporate collaborative assignments where software checks partial working while students provide explanations building accountability. For quizzes, ensure software is restricted and test core skills rather than mechanical calculations alone.

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