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Why You Should Make Your URLs Efficient for Google's Search Algorithm

Why You Should Make Your URLs Efficient for Google's Search Algorithm

Make SEO friendly URL structure for Google's Search Algorithm

SEO friendly URL structure helps users to find the right information through Google. So it increases CTR (Clickthrough rate) to rank your website fast

With Google's changes in SEO, you should always ensure that you are optimizing your URL structure for the search engines, especially when Google does not index your site.

The main reason for Google's changes to its algorithm was to improve the quality of search results, which every website owner wants. But it also affects how many visitors your website gets because of this change. As a result of the algorithm change, some websites might see more clicks on their pages while others might get fewer clicks. That's why SEO service provider should update their knowledge according to the latest Google algorithm update.

SEO friendly URL structure

If you are not sure whether you need to make any changes to your URL structures, then here are some tips to help you do so:

8 Points to make SEO friendly URL structure

  1. Domain level: Use top-level domain with HTTPS
  2. Length: The shorter, the better and easy to remember.
  3. Readability: structure of your URL should be user-friendliness that easy to read
  4. Special Characters: Avoid special characters and use hyphens, not underscores
  5. Case: Use lowercase letters
  6. Stop words: Try to avoid stop words like 'a', 'an', 'or', 'but' etc.
  7. Characters: Use "safe" characters and avoid unsafe characters like '<', '>', '#', '%', '{', '}', '|', '[', ']', '\', ‘`’ , '~', '^', ''.
  8. Keywords: Use 1 to 2 keywords but avoid keyword repetition

rank your website fast

Shorten URLs by cutting unnecessary parameters

We all know that when we type in a long URL, it takes quite some time to convert to a shorter one. Some people even have the habit of adding parameters in URLs that are not necessary. These URL shorteners can slash the length of an already shortened URL by removing all the required parameters.

A common issue with shortening URLs is that it removes all possible parameters, leading to an error. For example, if you shortened http://example.com/ to https://example.com/, your browser would try to query the domain and possibly fail.

So we need a way to shorten URLs without missing any required parameters. The URL shortening service "URL Shortener" is one of the most popular ones. This service takes care of removing the extra parameters (such as ?, %20, etc.) from URLs to make them more concise.

Is HTTPS important for URL in point of SEO?

HTTPS is important because it shows that a website is secured and trustworthy, which is very necessary in today's world of digital marketing, where hackers are getting more advanced and sophisticated. Websites can use HTTPS as a tool in their arsenal to boost their SEO by using the HTTPS label to increase the trustworthiness and security of the site's visitors.

Google said HTTPS was important for SEO in 2018. What does this mean?

HTTPS has been around for a long time. It was initially introduced in 1996, and it's no secret that it's an essential part of the internet security protocol. It was not widely used until recently when Google announced that HTTPS is important to the search engine.

HTTPS is important for SEO, as it shows that a website is secure and trustworthy. Websites can use HTTPS to boost their SEO by using the HTTPS label as a tool. It is the most important thing you can do for your website's security. If you are unsure if your site needs HTTPS, contact your hosting provider or go ahead and make the switch yourself!


Even though the technology and processes involved in URL optimization are incredibly complex, steps can be taken to ensure good results as we know that the internet is changing every day. Over time, people will need to keep their URL structures updated.

The best way to optimize your URL is to use a dynamic, short URL that is short enough for search engines to index. With that in mind, Google Mobile Search has introduced a new URL format that's easier for mobile URLs. URLs structure is the smallest part of on-page SEO, and there are lots of crucial factors and research required for proper SEO. Some best SEO agencies should do this job. Their expert implements the best SEO strategists to drive the overall campaign strategy, perform keyword research, analyze search intent, and lots of factors keep in mind.

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