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A Guide To Choosing the Best Link Agency in The Business

A Guide To Choosing the Best Link Agency in The Business

A Guide To Choosing the Best Link Agency in The Business

Finding best link building agency is heard but You need to make an informed choice based on how you want your link building presented and your budget.

Just one google shows you how many link agencies are out there, but how do you single out the best? Follow this helpful guide! 

1. Start With a Short List

The best way to begin is to Google or ask around for some companies. This will help you start off with a short list, and you can start vetting companies as you go along.

2. Read Online Reviews From Trusted Rources

As you read reviews, you can gauge a company for their quality of service, their results and customer experience. Don’t look at the company’s website for this, as there’s no proof of these reviews being real. Instead, look at independent reviews on Google, as well as reviews on third party websites. Keep in mind that the reviews themselves aren’t the only thing to notice, you will also want to look at how the company responds to any negative reviews, as this shows if they’re willing to improve or if there’s an ego you don’t want to deal with. 

If a company doesn’t have any reviews, there may be a good reason, but you probably don’t want to risk it, they could be a scam. 

3. Look at The Company Website

When you evaluate a link building agency, you need to take a good look at their website. This will tell you a lot about their business and its values as well as how up to date with the latest trends they are. 

Firstly, see if the website is well-designed and easy to navigate. They should also have a blog section and a case study section, and these sections should be up to date. In addition, it should be easy for you to find information on the company’s link building processes and answer all of your burning questions and curiosities in a FAQ session. 

Ideally, a link building agencies website is pretty much a way for them to show off how good they are at writing content and selling their own business. If the website loads slowly, is hard to navigate and has underwhelming content, it’s not a good sign for things to come, and you may want to choose someone else.  After all, if the company can’t get website optimisation basics right, they’re unlikely to get your link building right. 

4. Ask The Company Questions

Now, you can get in contact with the company directly and ask them any questions you may have.  This is where you can gauge a company’s vibe and see if they’re a good fit for you. Most companies are happy to answer questions, but if anything seems evasive, it’s a red flag. 

Some questions you can ask include the following:

  • What is your link acquisition process?
  • What types of inks do you prefer?
  • DO you have link case studies to share?
  • How do you evaluate possible links?
  • How do you make sure links are high quality?
  • How do you stay up to date with the latest link building trends?
  • What are some techniques you don’t use? 

5. Compare Costs

The final thing to do is to look into the costs associated, and this is often what will be the decider as you will need something that suits your budget and your needs. For example, if a company only ever offers one small package and one full-service package it can be frustrating as there’s no room for scaling, and this may not suit you. 

Each company will also break down their pricing in different ways. Some go by the services and the addons, others offer packages that include a number of links for a set price, other’s go month to month. This can make things hard to compare as you aren’t comparing one apple to another, you’re comparing an apple pie vs an apple crumble. You need to make an informed choice based on how you want your link building presented and your budget, not just the links themselves. 

This process is actually likely to take the longest time, as you may need to chat to the company themselves to help you understand their services, and many companies don’t disclose this on their website so you will need to deal with sales tactics to get the information you need and this can be time consuming. 

6. Choose & Go! 

Now all that’s left is to choose a company and get started with your link building growth. If you want to skip all the above steps, you can just choose Perfect Link Building’s services.  

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