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Top 10 Word Counters That Renowned SEO Agencies Use in 2022

Top 10 Word Counters That Renowned SEO Agencies Use in 2022

Best Free Word Counters for SEO Agencies

Looking for a free word counter? Worry not! Read the list of eleven best word counters you can use to count words and even characters.

When writing an article, blog, or even research paper, we usually question if we have reached the exact word count.

Whether you are working on WordPress or Google Docs, there is an inbuilt word counting option to find the total word count and character count of your written paragraph.

But what if you are crafting something that does not have a built-in word counter option? This is where a word counter helps you count the exact characters and words.

And that's not all!

Additional features in an amazing word checker tool include the sentence and paragraph counting option, reading and speaking time, and more. These surprising benefits will help you evaluate your content.

Do you not know the best word counter tool to use in 2022?

Do not panic!

Here are the top Ten online word counters that professionals use for their websites for counting both words and characters. Most notably, they are also essential for SEO practice.

1. Word counter


This word counting website has a user-friendly interface that includes a sentence and paragraph counter.

It offers two unique features: a page counter and a grammar checker.

The page counter allows you to see how lengthy the passage is and how many pages of text you have crafted.

The grammar checker is extremely beneficial because it allows you to identify and rectify grammatical issues right away. In addition, its grammar checker provides you with suggestions and options for correcting errors and proofreading in US or UK English.

2. Counter words free

Count Words Free.png

This is an impressive word counter app that contains multiple options. To begin with, it allows you to upload any text file in various forms, such as text, Word, PDF, Excel, HTML, CSS, and more.

Also, you can copy and paste the file!

Importing text from an HTML or CSS file allows you to remove HTML identifiers, unnecessary newlines, and extra spaces. This will help you understand the text in a better way.

This program offers the standard word, character, expression, line, and paragraph checkers, just like the other free word counting software listed below.

It contains additional features such as numerals and punctuation counters in addition to a spell checker. Plus, you can give your feedback in different languages.

You can export the text in several other formats when you have counted the words. If you want to save your file in another format, go to the top bar and select "Save As."

3. Word-counter.io


This is another remarkable online word counter, it has a wide range of features. Aside from word and character counts, it also contains a sentence and paragraph counter.

It will assist you in arranging all sentences logically while maintaining the symmetry of your text.

This counter includes multiple text formatting options in addition to counting words. For example, you can choose from various font styles, modify the font size, and change the font case.

If you utilize plain text, these choices can let you change the content to meet your needs.

4. Letter Count


It is a free online program that counts the number of letters and characters in any text. It is useful for tweets and other options. You have to paste the letters in the box in order to count them.

This tool is the greatest partner for your assignment, and if you need to write an essay and must stick to a deadline, you should use this software.

Also, this tool is helpful for skilled bloggers or content writers for crafting SEO articles.

5. Translators Base

This program is not your normal character, word, and line counter. Instead, it enables you to customize what you need to count on.

The results are displayed: Word Count, Space Characters, Pages, and Lines after clicking the “Measure” button.

6. Doc Word Counter

It is a top-quality word counting website with matchless features, including the ability to record non-words and regular terms, as well as calculate the final word count for you. For example, it counts the number of actual words found in a dictionary from each uploaded text.

It will keep track of the number of email addresses, bullets, digits, passwords, and so on.

7. Scribendi

Scribendi is another good online word counter. It is simple to use. You have to paste your text and it will count it for you. Whether you are crafting a research paper or any other content, this tool will quickly deliver the results.

8. Char Counter

This word counter application has all the options that a content writer or webmaster requires. It will give you detailed information on the character count, including the number of characters without any spacing.

This program accurately determines the number of sentences, words, and paragraphs.

9. Counting character

This word counter provides you with specific statistics on the number of words, characters with spaces, and characters without spaces. It tells you the number of terms, letters, phrases, paragraphs, and sentences, as well as the length of a typical sentence.

10. Accurate Word Counter

This is a free word counter and typing speed analyzer that will assist you in quickly counting words and characters in any paragraph of text. This character counter or word counter will provide you with particular information.

This is a simple web tool for counting online words and characters. This program also allows you to keep track of how many characters and words you type, as well as your typing speed in minutes and seconds.

Word counting software lets you know how much to write and stay within the word limit. Of course, as a writer, it's your responsibility to check the characters and word limit.

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