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Best Email Marketing Services for Small Business

Best Email Marketing Services for Small Business

Email Marketing Services That Allow Purchased Lists

Looking for email marketing services that allow purchased lists for your business? We have collected the best email marketing providers for you.

Email marketing is to send an advertising message, usually to a group of people, by email. In the broadest sense, any email sent to a potential or current customer can be considered email marketing. Now a day email marketing is being a mandatory subject to increase returning customers and visitors. As a result, there are many online service providers that provide email marketing services for small and large businesses.

If you are looking for digital marketing to double your profit, you are in the right place. We analyzed thousands of email marketing service providers to give you the best result.

Email marketing services that allow purchased lists

Clickback MAIL

Clickback MAIL is an email lead generation software that is different from TMA (traditional marketing automation) and email service providers. How? This will allow you to send 100% CAN-SPAM (US Antispam Act), CASL (Canadian Antispam Act) and GDPR (EU Data Protection Act) to your purchased B2B contacts.

Email marketing services that allow purchased lists

Put your cold email list into practice and start generating high-quality B2B contacts by sending effective marketing campaigns to your list of specific contacts.

Advantage of Email lead generation software

Email lead generation software builds with some special feature which will be helpful to use.

  • Advanced HTML editor
  • Build smarter campaigns
  • List cleaning and verification
  • Campaign optimization
  • Clean your list on import
  • Design professional emails
  • Boost opens and clicks
  • Improve campaign ROI

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Prospect is a popular email marketing software to increase your sales team productivity. It offers many of the features sales teams look and marketing for planning to send emails to a purchased list. Prospect tool automatically find and verify email address, job title, phone number, etc before sending the email.

Send simple emails or use our Drip Campaigns

Using these services you will get the following benefits: 

  • Schedule Your Emails
  • Emails Sequences
  • Personalize Emails with Variables
  • Share your templates
  • Find Prospects on Professional Networks
  • Find Email Addresses in Bulk
  • Easy Website Domain Search
  • Search for Emails in Spreadsheets
  • Verify email addresses in bulk
  • Google Chrome extension
  • more...

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Hotsol is another email marketing services that allow purchased lists. It is the best choice for unlimited bulk email marketing.

Email Marketing Services That Allow Purchased Lists

Hotsol is a mass email service for purchased email lists. It works with small, medium and large companies to send cold emails every day. Whether it's a transactional or promotional email, our network architecture adapts to the specific needs of each client.

Send cold emails to purchased lists compatible with CAN-SPAM and GDPR. Keep your purchased lists and expand your business.

Our goal is to create an email marketing service that allows businesses of all sizes to send mass emails without subscription or email restrictions at affordable prices.

Millions of emails later, we have achieved that goal and we continue to help companies to convey their message to customers around the world.

Whether your email data is a shopping list or registration, our email experts work tirelessly to help you get the most out of your email marketing campaigns.

Hotsol email marketing campaigns feature:

  • Manage email lists using list management tools.
  • Import contact lists to the cloud
  • Segment your list to the right audience
  • Send triggered emails to customer's website activity.
  • Send automatic responses to the subscriber.
  • Send HTML design emails
  • Send videos and images in your emails.
  • Engage the audience through social media marketing.
  • Schedule campaigns for future email marketing.

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