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About Word Counter

Word Counter is a best Character Counter Online tool developed by Turbo Seo Tools. It helps as a free word count and spell checker. Simply paste your written article into the box and click on count words button. Within a second our essay word counter tool show the results in a chart type, telling you the entire word count and characters.

Words Counter may be a best useful tool for people who working within the online field, writer, essays, students, freelancer, journalist and newspaper column. Now search engines like quality content. So once building your content, you have to check how many words are in my essay using our free tool. If you inform author to write down a minimum and most quantity words for writing, You can use this tool to check their article. You also use our Plagiarism Checker to check uniqueness quotes of author submitted article

word counter online tool

Why use our Character Counter Online tool

This Word Counter by Turbo Seo is amazing. You can check word count of a written article in any language. Our skilled employees has created this tool compatible to figure with any language. When your content is in Spanish, German, English or other language. This tool will give you the result within a few second!

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While most different tools with the restricted choices, it is free with the premium choices. No signup or registration needed. Our Word Counter works swimmingly on any device and browser. We working day and night to add new feature additional option to the current tool.

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