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Now, Create 'robots.txt' file at your root directory. Copy above text and paste into the text file.

About Robots txt Generator

Robots txt Generator is a useful tool to webmasters in making their sites Googlebot friendly. It is useful for all the websites that square measure hosted on the web. When search engine bot visit a web site for indexing content the main issue is robots.txt. This file is mostly placed within the root of the domain. If you're adding a robots.txt file to all the search engines like Google and Yahoo will perceive the links that you don’t need to induce indexed.

Robots txt Generator

Now so as to get the robots.txt you'll take facilitate of our robots.txt generator. Robots.txt generator is a free online tool which is able to assist you in making a robots.txt file for your web site. If you already create a robots.txt file and need to create it higher you can use our Robots txt Generator without any doubt. You'll additionally produce the various robots.txt files for corresponding search engines by choosing them from the drop-down list. If you're making the robots.txt file at first time, You would like to require then exclude the below mentioned things.

  • Login Page of your web site.
  • The Contact Page of your web site.
  • Internal structure.
  • Privacy Page.
  • All the Media files that you don’t need to index within the search result.
  • All the Image folders that you don’t need to index for search results.

Why Use Robots txt Generator?

You can follow a number of the ideas mentioned below which is able to help you in optimizing the robots.txt file.

  • If you're about to take a look in robots.txt file, we propose you to feature it at very cheap of the file. Once a search engine reads the robotes.txt file it starts from high to bottom.
  • You will simply produce easy statements with the help of untamed card directive. The wildcard instruction can require all the patterns that square measure found within the uniform resource locator.
  • Don’t use robots.txt file to permit the search engine you wish to index. The aim of robots.txt file is to say the instruction that you don’t need to induce indexed in search engines. Thus your robots.txt just for require instruction.

We hope that you have generate a robots.txt file using our free Robots txt Generator online tool. Hope it will be helpful to develop your website search engine friendly. If you feel any problem don't forget to contact with us about your problem.

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