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What Are Several Uses of OCR Technology?

What Are Several Uses of OCR Technology?

What Are Several Uses of OCR Technology?

Free online OCR technology is applied in a wide range of industries and business operations across the globe. It turns out to be the primary technology driving the majority of services in use today. Image converter is one of the great tools that ease the complications of people while converting images into text.

In this article, we will talk about several uses of OCR online technology.

Let’s have a look!

Data Entry Automation:

Many organizations that require a lot of documentation rely heavily on data entry as a critical duty. A lot of documentation is required for tasks like processing invoices, inventory checks, sales, and purchase orders, and data must continually be extracted and gathered to ensure a seamless workflow. OCR online technology is frequently helpful in facilitating these processes by automatically extracting significant information with the help of image to text extraction, reducing human labour and procedural errors.

Assisting the Visually-Impaired:

Since its introduction, OCR technology has aided persons who are visually impaired. Three key processes are involved: text scanning, character recognition, and text conversion into useful audio files, digital files that can be accessed through computers, or print outputs. And with the help of image to text by cardscanner.co automation, your data in form of images can be easily converted into text form.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition:

Modern OCR technology allows for the detection of vehicle number plates. This way of identifying vehicles makes it easier to locate them in parking lots, malls, or busy intersections, identify stolen cars or use them for other purposes like insurance or emission testing. If you use an image to text feature then make sure that it will help to covert data in text form so you can locate vehicles rapidly.

Passport Recognition at Airports:

Many government offices employ cutting-edge OCR technology to identify persons using identification cards, driver's licenses, etc. In order to digitally recognize passports, passport offices and airports use an advanced image to text technology. This uses OCR's scanning, extraction, and recognition capabilities. By reading the MRZ area, an encoded field with 30 or 44 characters that carries information on passport ID, name, country, nationality, date of birth, validity date, and more, this technology aids in the identification of individuals.

Enabling Menus for Online Food Delivery Apps:

Numerous apps for computers, mobile phones, and other devices include OCR. OCR technology is essential for compiling restaurant menus for users to choose from in meal delivery apps. OCR technology is essential for the smooth operation of apps like Uber Eats, Grubhub, and others in the food delivery industry. Using image to text extraction helps to transform the pictures into text.


OCR technology is extremely important in the collection, extraction, storage, and recovery of any patient's records in corresponding hospitals. OCR converter technology allows for the seamless integration of data across numerous departments in the vast field of healthcare. Image to text technology makes it possible to obtain digitized information on general patient information, medical history, referral doctors, consultations, drugs, etc.

Invoice processing:

The routine task of bills appearing frequently is seen in the majority of firms. Processing invoices is a laborious procedure, but automated free online OCR solutions can greatly simplify the workdays of the individuals involved. In order to improve business productivity, they can also aid in making invoice processing quicker and error-free. Utilising image converter, invoices may be quickly captured, converted, matched with supporting documents, and approved. It can also be used to efficiently retrieve product information and update linked systems with current information.

Banking services:

Banks were among the first organisations to adopt OCR online technology, and they still do so today. With the use of this technology, banks are able to update KYC, analyse checks, process loan applications, scan and update passbooks, verify client account information, provide online banking services, and do many other tasks.

Final Thoughts:

With the help of technology, it has been easy to convert your data into digital text form. And image to text technology is quite an image converter app that provides text clearly.

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