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7 Different Ways to Extract Text from Image

7 Different Ways to Extract Text from Image

Ways to Extract Text from Image

Want to Extract Text from Images? There are dozens of ways online for extracting text from any image. Here we have mentioned the top seven tools.

In the past, people had to manually extract text from an image. There was no technology that could help convert images to textual format. One had to manually read text from the image and write it down on word or any other notepad. Manually writing down text from the image can be difficult. It can take up to hours to type down a small passage from an image. Moreover, there is always a chance of human errors in manual text extraction. If you want to image scanner online without any hassle then you need to try the ways we have discussed below. Here in this post, you are going to find out the best ways to convert image to text.

Popular ways to convert images to text without any trouble 

There are dozens of ways using which you can try an image scanner online; here we have mentioned the top ones.

1. Manually type down text from an image

The oldest way as we have told you before is the one in which you have to type down text printed on an image with your own hands. You need to open the image before you and read the text imprinted on it multiple times. This would help you understand each and every element on the image file. Next to the image file you need to open MS word empty file or you can also open the notepad. Start typing down the text on the pad or blank file. Save the file once all extraction is done. This would take time, but if you do it steadily then you can easily change the image to text without any errors.

2. Convert image to text online

If you don’t want to convert images to text manually then the alternative option you have is using online converter tools. Today you have access to dozens of online image to text converter tools that can help you extract every bit of textual content from an image. The images to converter tools are very easy to use and even a layperson with no information about these tools can help you extract text from images. You must know that the modern image scanner online uses artificial intelligence and optical character recognition technology to convert image to text. The use of OCR by these tools makes their results more accurate. The best thing about the OCR tools is that they are free to use.

Google Docs is basically used for document creation and formatting but you must know that it also has a built in scanner which can be used as a text scanner from images. You must know that Google Docs is also powered by OCR and AI which makes it a popular choice for image to text conversion. If you don’t want to use the image to text converter online free tools then you can try your luck with Google docs. All you need to do is upload the image file on Google drive. After uploading the file you simply have to use the open with options and open the image with Google docs. The tool would take a few seconds and would extract text from the image. The textual data would open in another tab in Google docx format.

4. Convert image to text on windows

If you don’t want to convert image to text online then you can use this method. You can convert photo to text on Windows without any hassle. You can convert images to textual format by using the in-built OCR tool. You can find an easy screen OCR tool on the latest versions of windows. These can help you accurately extract text from images. You just have to open the image with the default image file opener of Windows. In the right click options you can find an ‘image ocr’ tool that can be used for text extraction. You can use this option and within seconds, the tool can change image to text. This method is best for offline JPG to text/Word conversion.

5. Convert image to text on android mobiles

You can also convert images to text on your phone. On your phone you can either use the photo to text converter online tools on your browser or you can also install text scanner applications. You can open the OCR tools on your browser and upload the images having text on them for conversion. If you don’t want to use the online tools than the alternative and easier method to extract text from image is by using the OCR apps. The android OCR apps can help you convert image to text offline. All you have to do is open the app on your mobile, enter the image in the app and hit the conversion button. You can save text from images in your desired format.

6. Install OCR chrome extension on your browser

Another option that you can consider for free and accurate image to text conversion is by using OCR extension on your browser. There are multiple image scanner online extensions that you can find in the chrome extension list. The most famous one is COPY FISH. Having these kinds of extensions on your browser makes your work easier. The tool would detect all sorts of text, symbols and other elements on the image you have opened on your browser and would ask your permission to copy text from it. You can copy the text with the extension and can paste it on word, Google docs or any other platform.

7. Use OCR options offered by MS OneNote

If you have office tools installed on your PC or mobile then you can easily convert image to text without any hassle. OneNote is a very famous application offered in the MS Suite. You can find OCR features on this app using which you can easily convert image to text without a web connection. You just have to upload the image with OneNote and use the UCR features for text extraction. This software program can easily extract all kinds of images to textual format. image scanner online, JPG to Word are some of the common conversions you can make with this tool.

These are the seven popular ways using which you can easily convert image to text.

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