HTML to Plain Text Converter [Easy to use]

HTML to Text Converter

Collez (Ctrl + V) vos données HTML ci-dessous puis cliquez sur convertir pour un document texte simple.

Sur HTML to Text Converter

[Convert HTML to plain text] using rich HTML to Text Converter online tool. It converts HTML documents to simple plain text by removing all HTML tags. To know more about HTML to Text Converter read the full article.

HTML to text converter is a free online tool to convert HTML to plain text. This is a free online tool to convert HTML formatted data to plain text. In plain text format, everything is displayed as simple plain text. All special HTML formats are deleted when we convert them to text. It can be an easy way to remove user data from web pages on the Internet in your favorite document or plain text file.

How to use HTML to Text Converter

It very easy to use. Simply copy and paste your HTML code here and hit "Convert to Text" button.


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