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JavaScript Escape

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Javascript Escape is a free online tool to make code, string, special characters and function escape removing traces of offending characters. To know more about JavaScript Escape read the full article.

Javascript Escape is a free online tool to make code, string and function escape. Escapes or unescapes JavaScript strings removing traces of offending characters using this special character tool.

JavaScript Escape Characters

Character JavaScript Escape Value
quote (") \"
single quote (') \'
Nul char \0
Horizontal Tab \t
Vertical Tab \u000B or \v
New line \n
Carriage return \r
Backslash \\

JavaScript Escape Special Characters

Only a few special meaning characters need to be escaped. These characters have special use in JavaScript programming language.

How to Escape JavaScript String

It is very easy to escape single quote, double quotes, HTML, backslash, and some special characters in string just placing the Javascript code in the form above.

After adding your code in the form click on the Escape button.

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